From the ground in Ottawa on Saturday

February 24, 2022   ·   0 Comments

I was acting as a conscientious observer on the ground at the front lines of the protest on Saturday Feb 19. 

I wanted to share my following observations:

No Swastika or confederate flags seen. Loads of Canada flags, Indigenous band flags, and provincial flags observed. 

No violent or aggressive protestors. Certainly nothing that could justify the use of batons, pepper spray or sound cannons by police. Police used these devices to advance on the peaceful crowd. 

People gathered peacefully singing O Canada and Amazing Grace. When the police pushed, the protestors peacefully backed up. 

No right-wing groups observed. Quite on the contrary- we saw and spoke with families, I’m stressing families, with teenagers and kids and grandparents, from Dundalk, Burford, Sudbury, North Bay, London etc. Nothing but good vibes. All here to express their displeasure with government overreach with their feet. Words and letters have gotten them nowhere, they report. Dismissed by their elected representatives is the common frustration. 

I am sharing this with you to let you know that what the media has been portraying is not close to being accurate.  Please pass this on to your friends and pray for Canada. 

Peggy Bond


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