Eclipsed! The daytime moon

August 24, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

Driving from Markdale to London, Ontario, we missed any sight of the solar eclipse this week. Regrettable to be sure,  although we had not brought the correct eye gear along with us for protection in case of being able to watch the wonder.

In any event, it made me wonder: what else shall we eclipse?

While the moon is in the mood, maybe we could entice it to darken some of our personalities – just time enough for reflection, you know,  the sort of re-boot it gave the sun – what or who else can we ask it to dim, however briefly?

How about our sunshine Prime Minister? Give him long enough to sit behind the moon and rethink a couple of his dumped election promises or at least come back to us with good cause: like the very definite promise to reform our election process. He might appreciate the moments to review how much he cares for the environment and yet insists on building pipeline through the Rocky Mountains to reach the perfect harbours of B.C., which will definitely be damaged by the export of bitumen from their shores.

But, hang on a minute, is that what’s wrong with the whole shebang? That our entire world, societies, brains, hearts, professionals, new generations – is everything actually stuck behind the moon?

I mean, we are cutting arts programs to our schools when there is plenty of evidence to prove the importance of the arts to good mental and emotional growth. We still have McDonald days and pizza days and hot dog days at school when there is lots of evidence to show that those foods are low in nutrition and that students do better with fresh fruit and food that is actually beneficial to eat rather than processed food that is over salted  and loaded with refined sugar and harmful fats.

Somehow, these foods are regarded as treats when they are, really, poison.

Certainly, too  many individuals are stuck behind that dark moon where they sit injecting themselves with death-bearing drugs that they can’t resist – how did they come to that point? Where were the rest of us when they needed help not to walk that line?

In a radio interview, I heard a chap say, “Well , I know I’m going to die – that these drugs will kill me some day, right? But I keep doing it  and, so far, somebody comes to the rescue…”

What about medicine? Ah, there’s a mighty moon – must be the big cousin to our moon that keeps the whole medical thing behind in the dark. A person who is very dear to me has epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis and you would not believe the kind of things doctors say to her. It seems the medics have thrown their hands up in the air and long since given up any hope of curing or fixing anything. All they seem able or willing to do is to deal with the symptoms and not the problems – not the disease itself.

Many years ago, pharmaceutical companies started funding medical schools to the point where representatives of those companies were actively involved in the way medicine is taught with reference to treatment.

Even today, with all that is known about food, even though, all these centuries later, they still take the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to do no harm, they do so without ever listening to Hippocrates who, shouting from across those centuries, tells them : “Let food be your medicine!”

Medical schools, in spite of the mountain of evidence that we are what we eat, that well raised organic food is good for us, and so on, do not study nutrition. Medical schools do not concern themselves with our fundamental building block: food.

Meanwhile, they are stuck behind the moon, in the dark, with only drugs, “procedures” and surgery at their hands. And very few real answers.

My dear one says: “They are people mechanics not healers.”

An eclipse is meant to last only a short time but what if this is a different kind of eclipse – one that shelves our thinking, our caring, our clarity – indefinitely?

What if an eclipse forgets to move on and we are stuck behind it?

Meanwhile, developers are anxious to dig up our farmland in this, the most fertile land in Ontario and much of Canada, to build crummy houses with little thought to design and no thought to the ecology – no geothermic – no solar panels – no “green” materials. Sitting behind the moon, counting their profits.

There must be a way for humanity to walk out into the sunshine. These are very dark ages that  we live in and continuing as we are is not going to bring resolution. A broad sweep of light and hunger for the good, for resolutions, not excuses; for clear thinking, not shady rationale, is dearly needed.

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