Dunk Disposal holding community clean-up at Ken Whillans Resource Management Area

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By Constance Scrafield

Once again, this spring the team at Dunk Disposal has plans to clean up another conservation area for the spring and summer season. This year they are inviting you to join them on April 27.

Says Cameron Dunkerley, owner and founder of the Dunk Disposal, “We used to do it just us the crew. We’ll pick a park – Island Lake Conversation Area, Conestoga College, Ken Whillans and this year we’re going to Ken Whillans and we are just seeing if anybody wants to come out and clean up. With the snow melting, you can really see the garbage has piled up and it’s good to clean it up.”

Mr. Dunkerley began his disposal business five years ago when he was 19 and had purchased his first truck. The business offers a full service of clean up and disposal for residents and businesses of renovation refuge, clearing away old decks and sheds; tidying up basements and garages and “any other removal you may need,” as he writes on his LinkedIn page.

The Ken Whillans Resource Management Area has a good parking area immediately at the entrance which also services the Caledon Trail. The park of 215 acres is known for its fishing in the Credit River and two warm water ponds. Birdwatchers will enjoy a stroll through the apple orchards where numerous varieties of our feathered friends can be seen.

The proposed date for the clean-up of Wednesday April 27, is a convenient day.

“The park isn’t open yet so we wanted to get in and clean up,” the Citizen was told in a telephone interview with Cameron Dunkerley. “They don’t have an exact date. We’ve already discussed the clean up with one of the members over at the Conservation area. I don’t think they knew that we had been doing this but they were excited for us to be doing this.”

The Ken Whillans RMA is in Caledon on Hwy 10 just south of Caledon Village, between Caledon Village and Inglewood. People should be aiming to arrive at the park at about noon; depending on how many people arrive will direct how everyone is spread out.

“We’ll give everybody a bag and gloves,” he said. “What we’re picking up is just rubbish of paper and old maps and we clean it up so it’s nice and ready for spring. We’ve been doing it ourselves for three years now but this is the first official one where we’re inviting people out.”

The reason they started doing the clean-up in parks is because Dunk Disposal is a waste disposal company. In their eyes, it only made sense to clean up public areas as well. Mr. Dunkerley is himself an avid hiker and finds it discouraging to see these parks with so much rubbish lying on the pathways and in the woods. It was simple logic to collect rubbish from the parks and it made sense as well to involve the company in this “because it is really is what we do.”

On his Link in page, he defines it, “Dunk Disposal actively organizes community clean up events, where we target local parks, trails, and public areas and remove scattered trash. By bagging and recycling litter, it keeps our local spaces cleaner and more enjoyable for the rest of our community.”

They bring all the rubbish they collect to a recycling centre. Caledon has recycling centres where all the material is sorted by the people who bring the refuge there. The business transports everything directly to the centre, sorts it all out and the centre is held to recycle responsibly. 

At just over five years as a business, Dunk Disposal is still doing a full service removal. Whatever they collect – sheds and all the construction – renovation debris, general junk like old furniture, they do our best to recycle as much as centres will take.

Ambitious for his business to do well, Mr. Dunkerley adds, “I honestly would love to see our business grow and to be involved in a lot more initiatives. We’re doing the Christmas Donation drive [as partners with the Orangeville Food Bank and the Salvation Army.]”

Dunk Disposal has partnered too for a bike dive with Heart Beat Bike in Brampton. They take bikes in any condition, repair and make them good again, giving them to kids that need them through various organizations. In addition, this means those same damaged and repaired bikes have a new life and do not end in landfills.

It is very much in line with the policy of Dunk Disposal to keep waste out of landfills.

Of course, it’s good getting to know people and connect with the community and

Cameron Dunkerley would like to be involved in a lot more of this kind of thing.

“It’s a mission that we’re passionate about and the more people can get involved the better.”

In a side note, another of Cameron Dunkerley’s passions is Lacrosse. He is a professional Lacrosse player with the Saskatchewan Rush in the National Lacrosse League (NLL).

Attending Conestoga College from 2018 to 2020, he studied Recreation and Leisure Services which involved fitness.

“It would be nice to partner with charities,” he commented. “The more help we’re able to get, the more people we help; the more areas we help. We’re really excited with [Covid] restrictions being dropped. We’re excited with this event and other people coming forward.”

If you would like to join in the clean-up at Ken Whillans Resource Management Centre with the team of Dunk Delivery, there is a Facebook page for more information.

The email address is

For information about Ken Whillans, the website is…

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