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April 11, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Mr. Charles Hooker, a frequent letter writer, should sue the Orangeville Citizen for defamation. By virtue of publishing his letters, the Orangeville Citizen has torn Mr Hooker’s reputation to shreds. Let’s take a look at three examples to make the case.

The first is Mr. Hooker’s letter about climate change as a hoax. The vast majority of climatologists have concluded that our planet is overheating, leading to more destructive tornadoes, bigger hurricanes, rain in winter, vanishing glaciers, rising sea levels, acidification of the oceans, death of coral reefs, etc. For decades, scientists have observed that the atmosphere has been trapping more heat from the sun because of increased levels of carbon dioxide. We are in the second decade of the 21st century, yet Mr Hooker denies that all the accumulated scientific data since the mid twentieth century are false. The planet is reaching a fever state, and it’s all manmade.

The second is Mr. Hooker’s letter expressing faith that President Donald Trump would beneficially renegotiate NAFTA for his country and Canada. Instead, Canada’s steel and aluminum manufacturers have been burdened by punitive, ongoing tariffs because they represent a security threat. How many years has Canada been a reliable ally, and good friend to the United States? Also, dairy farmers – perhaps a few of them are Mr Hooker’s neighbors – have lost some of their market share to accommodate the dairy farmers of Wisconsin under the new agreement. I am informed of one company in Ontario that imports milk from the USA. I cannot say whether this is a recent practice, but I ask, do we want to eat food made from milk laced with bovine growth hormone that American dairy farmers routinely inject into their cows? The practice is inhumane, and also unlawful in this country.

The third is Mr. Hooker’s recent letter complaining of his tribulations resulting from his not having a tax form delivered to his mailbox. Only one solution is satisfactory to Mr. Hooker: The Trudeau government must go. Pardon me for suggesting it, but Justin Trudeau does not have time to harass poor Mr. Hooker.

Thus, with such an easily provable defamation lawsuit, Mr. Hooker should expect substantial compensation, for as we all know, a damaged reputation is almost impossible to repair.

James Hodder

Shelburne resident

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