Community Library coming to Headwaters hospital this summer

July 29, 2021   ·   0 Comments

In the Spring, Headwaters was approached by two grade 11 students from Orangeville District Secondary School (ODSS), Trinity and Victoria.

The dynamic duo, is part of the Believe Leadership Club at their school. This program was

created by Sarah Wells, an Olympic hurdler, and teaches the importance of leadership,

entrepreneurship and mental wellness to high school students.

As part of the program students are asked to create a passion project which is an initiative that has a goal to better the community.

Trinity and Victoria came up with the idea of creating libraries in our community to promote education and opportunity. With these libraries, a passerby can take a book and leave a book for others to read.

Headwaters hospital will be home to one of these libraries, which will be maintained and stocked regularly with appropriate books, by students at ODSS.

Currently in the building phase of the project, Trinity and Victoria, have constructed the little

libraries, built entirely out of recycled wood they salvaged from old skids. The doors are made

from plexiglass and the roof is shingled. They have completed painting and are now sealing the edges to protect the library from weather.

The location and date of installation is still being determined but will be decided soon. 

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