Area resident launches website that provides information on zero-waste living

April 27, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

We live in a wasteful society, and some people would like to change that by reducing or eliminating unnecessary packaging or tossing many items into the garbage, ultimately filling the landfills.

The effort includes reducing packaging for food and everyday items to reusing clothing and toys.

A new website, Let’s Go Zero Waste, has a directory of over 1,900 zero / low waste businesses throughout Canada and the United States, including many in Orangeville and the surrounding area.

The website was created by Orton resident Connie Lewis and her daughter Courteney Lewis.

“The directory also includes a blog with information about zero waste living, zero waste camping, plogging, and zero waste shopping,” Connie explained. “One of our popular blog posts is about where to shop for pre-loved toys online, with links to each of the businesses.”

One way to reduce packaging is to buy food from stores that allow you to bring your own containers, thereby eliminating the packaging you would normally throw away when you get home.

“It’s about trying to find the places that people don’t know about,” Connie said. “We started this two years ago when my kids were concerned about the environment, and I said, ‘well let’s start a directory.’ It slowly took off and now we’re getting over 15,000 views a month.”

Connie said they first took notice of unnecessary waste a few years ago when there were a lot of media stories about single-use plastics and the harm it was causing marine life, collecting in the ocean.

“We decided to start the directory so people will know where to go to shop, and a blog so people will understand how this all works,” explained Connie. “Our blog has things like how to do zero waste faster, and explains what a re-fillery is. A lot of people didn’t know what a re-fillery is. There is also information on where to shop for second-hand kid’s clothes online. We also have that for maternity clothes, which is very popular because you only wear maternity clothes a few times.”

The site also explores places where you can get refills on household items like cleaning supplies or personal items like shampoo, where you bring your own container and fill it up, eliminating the need to toss out the bottle after you use all the product.

The website has listings for all provinces and every U.S. state. You can also search by services, brands, and community initiatives.

You can visit the Zero Waste website online at:

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