Are you being bought ?

July 28, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Are you aware, that almost everyone; .. maybe as high as  97%  of our  population,  including Christians,  by the world’s  systems, are being,  or can be  ‘bought’ for some price or  reward,  at one time or another, secretly and knowingly.   

Prices and rewards have many disguises. 

The offer  could  come  by direct,  or  indirect means; knowingly or unknowingly. It could include  doing  or allowing  improper and  evil deeds within our  free and democratic  society  today,  such as between our political leaders and their party supporters.   Or, it can also include just the opposite;  such as doing or allowing what could or may be considered a nice  deed, when and where it should not be done or allowed,  at that time or place,  for some other  better  reason.  An example here would be between parents and their children. 

Keep in mind, that sooner or later, there are also negative consequences to be considered from allowing it. Something to think about; do you agree ?

If you look for the truth; you can find it, and it can be proven, on a  one-on-one,  individual basis.  But, be prepared that when you find the truth, it may not always look or sound as good as you may have expected or wanted it to.

But it will always be better for  you and yours.

Gordon C. Snell

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