A missing rationale

February 2, 2018   ·   0 Comments

LET THERE BE NO DOUBT about it; Highway 9 between Orangeville and Harriston was not primarily for local use when the Mike Harris government downloaded it, and it’s an even more important trunk highway today.

However, one part of the roadway has changed character in the interim. Thanks to Dufferin County’s construction of a south bypass of Orangeville, Broadway is no longer clogged with enormous transport trucks, and signs on Highway 10 now direct all Arthur-bound traffic to Dufferin 109.

That being the case, we’re inclined to agree with Mayor Jeremy Williams and Councillor Scott Wilson that it made no sense for Orangeville Council to instruct the mayor to demand that Broadway be restored to its status as a provincially funded connecting link for Highway 9.

What both Orangeville Council and Dufferin County Council should be doing is conducting origin/destination surveys to establish once and for all that Highway 9 should be re-connected and the cost of its maintenance taken off the shoulders of our over-taxed property owners.

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