Westend Chiropractic opens in Orangeville, to focus on families

February 22, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

You can have your body aligned and get a therapeutic massage at Orangeville’s new chiropractic practice in the west end of town.

Westend Family Chiropractic and Wellness has been operating for three months at their Broadway and C-Line location and held an official grand opening on Monday, February 18.

Chiropractor Dr. Carly Butterworth had been working in Orangeville for three years in another practice as an associate before deciding to open her own practice.

The practice offers chiropractic services, massage, and custom orthotics. 

“Chiropractic is working on the nervous system, the joints, the muscles, basically the whole body in terms of allowing it to work properly,” Dr. Butterworth explained. 

“Nerves control everything – the way that we move, the way that we breath, so if the nervous system isn’t sending the right signals because the spine isn’t in proper alignment then it’s not able to function properly. We often get pain or things not working the way they should. Chiropractic at our office is more than the adjustment of the spine or joint. Here, it is looking at the individual and determining what they uniquely need in terms of adjustments, soft tissue work, trigger point work and exercises to get them and their family living optimally, without pain and without limitations. ”

Dr. Butterworth said opening her own practice allows her to serve patients while at the same time have time for her own young family.

“I have a one and a four year-old, so I really made this practice to fit my life. I’m a family person so I wanted a space where my family could come as well as other families where they would feel completely welcome. Opening my own place allowed me to have my own niche market and really orient it towards my clients – those families. I resonate well with them because that’s were I am in my life. I do a lot of young children, a lot of pregnant moms and a lot of young families.”

In addition to Dr. Butterworth, there are also two massage therapists on staff.

“It’s a multi-disciplinary facility,” Dr. Butterworth explained. “We often work back and forth. We think chiro and massage work fantastic together,” adding that custom orthotics are also available. “They go in your shoes. They assist in the way that we walk and they way that we move so they give support to your feet so that helps your whole body in terms of alignment and takes some of the stress off your ankles, back and knees.”

Westend Family Chiropractic and Wellness is located at 475 Broadway in the Shoppers Drug Mart plaza.

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