The looney left vs. history

September 7, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

In the United States these days, there is this sudden rush to eliminate the Civil War from history – notably anything to do with the Confederacy.

A century and a half after the conflict, the looney left has decided to erase something they don’t like by destroying it – just like the Taliban has done to numerous ancient sites in Afghanistan. No difference.

Taken to the tenth degree you have nothing more than extremists destroying anything that doesn’t agree with their agenda, regardless of historic importance, artistic merit, or ideology.

The looney left, this small group of extremists and their bought-and-paid-for supporters have gone so far to the left they have come full circle and the fascist mentality they claim to be against is what they now practice.

Destroy the statues, rip up the pedestals, get an angry mob together and throw a rope around it and destroy public property.

All the while the keepers of the city – the mayors and council as well as police stand idly by and twiddle their thumbs.

Now the insanity has spread across the border to our backyard, with a teacher’s union deciding that the name of Sir John A. Macdonald, a Father of Confederation and the nation’s first prime minister, should be removed from schools.

Macdonald was not perfect but his contributions to creating this country are undeniable. Perhaps the first thing the teacher’s union should do is teach their members how to read a history book and highlight the chapter where it says if you don’t learn history – you are doomed to repeat it.

So where does this nonsense stop?

According to the looney-left philosophy of destroying anything they don’t like, I guess they will have to start with their own families.

Get out the shovels and the sledge hammers and go right to your own family plot in the cemetery, because there are a lot of looney-left family members buried there who were alcoholics, wife beaters, child abusers, criminals, and people of ill repute who have stone markers with their names memorialized in granite.

According to the rules of engagement the only way to right the past is to dig up the grave and destroy the headstone.

The Washington Monument has to go – Washington, after all, was a slave owner – and by default the White House must be destroyed also.

Tear down the Jefferson Memorial – he was another slave owner.

The pyramids in Egypt – level them to the ground because some people believe they were built by slaves.

The Coliseum in Rome was used for entertainment, including watching slaves fight to the death – it must destroyed to erase that part of history.

Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland is kept as a museum. However, it was built by the Nazis, so it should be leveled and turned into a parking lot so no one can re-visit the past.

Catholic Popes over the past 1500 years had dirty hands – with special note to those who reigned during the Inquisition. Should the Vatican be leveled and all shrines and statues destroyed?

Destroying monuments, memorials, statues and commemorative plaques does not change history.

History is what it is.

The majority of Canadians are levelheaded people who are not prone to rash and insidious behaviour or follow a mob mentality because one small group of people light torches and demand everyone else agree with them or be labeled under whatever name they use as the slur of the month.

Removing Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from schools may be popular among members of one union, and I suspect many of them don’t buy it either but in a union environment they know you can’t object. But the rest of the country just isn’t getting on board with denouncing a founding father of a great nation.

If this type of lunacy isn’t ignored you can bet it will spread as these small but vocal groups and their protest supporters won’t stop until the war memorial in Alexandria Park in Orangeville comes crashing down because it is an offensive reminder of armed conflict, and in its place we have another parking lot.

And what about the statue of Orange Lawrence adorning the Broadway median? He may not have been a slave-owner but history tells us he committed suicide.

Don’t be fooled for a minute into believing that these looney-left, so-called ‘activists’ have anyone’s benefit in mind other than their own agenda and interests.

True activists seeking the betterment of society don’t further their cause by violent and destructive means.

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