Rise Again Entertainment opens doors in Shelburne

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Life has a way of knocking us down over and over again, but what develops character and creates perseverance is that we continue to stand back up each time. That concept is the idea behind Rise Again Entertainment Inc., a media company opening its doors in Shelburne.

“Our main motto is that we stand for trying to show people that no matter what, no matter what trials and tribulations they are facing, if you fall six times, you get back up seven,” said David Record, president of Rise Again Entertainment.  “That’s where the name Rise Again came from.”

The company was created in 2011, when Mr. Record decided to pursue his passion and branch off on his own.

“I had been working in the industry since 2009 doing a lot of different marketing, sales and promotions,” he explained. “I learned a lot of the ropes and made a lot of good contacts, and it was my passion to be in the industry.”

Rise Again Entertainment began in Brampton, but Mr. Record and his team recently made the decision to expand its operations to Shelburne. It is a full-service entertainment company, specializing in music production and management, film and television services, and live events, as well as fosters artists and songwriters to facilitate music publishing, touring, and merchandising.

“We decided to make the move, because we feel like there is so much more opportunity to bring in talent and put on more events,” said Mr. Record. “The city has so much different competition that it can be hard for talent and companies.”

It wasn’t just the draw of less competition that brought the music company to the rural community, however. Part of it was the smaller community feel.

“That’s what we stand for,” he added. “We plan on being a part of the community, providing outreach, character initiative programs, and speaking for youth, as well as co-op programs to help youth learn about the industry, and hosting events that give back to the community.”

Youth outreach is a big part of Rise Again Entertainment, which fuels back into the reasoning behind the company’s name.

“You keep moving, and when you fall, you rise back up,” said Mr. Record. “When I speak with youth, that’s what I share with them. It’s about flourishing, setting goals, and keeping on moving forward.”

Rise Again Entertainment Inc. has an impressive resume for its five-year existence.  Mr. Record is an award-winning, internationally touring hip hop artist who has collaborated with Grammy and Juno winning artists on multiple songs and filmed a commercial with Drake for the MTV Video Music Awards.

As a native of Brampton, Mr. Record has also received the ‘Arts Acclaimed Citizen Award’ from the City of Brampton, where he was honoured in 2014 by former Mayor Susan Fennel for his accomplishments as an artist.

As a company, Rise Again Entertainment Inc. recently premiered a documentary, Under the Moonlight, at Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate based on Mr. Record’s music career and lifestyle within the music industry.

“We’ve been on tour a lot for the last few years,” said Mr. Record. “Internationally, we’ve been to the UK and Jamaica, as well as premiered our Under the Moonlight documentary in preparation of the tour for it.”

The documentary gives viewers an inside look at the work the company does behind the scenes, both in production and on their international tours, as well as everything the Rise Again has done in recent years. The premiere had a hug turnout, drawing an audience larger than the Batman V Superman movie, which was in theatres at the time, and landing the company a nod from 50 Cent on his blog,

In preparation for the Canada-wide tour of Under the Moonlight, Rise Again Entertainment Inc. is looking to hire people from the community to fill various roles in the firm.

“We’re looking to hire people with all kinds of different backgrounds in the industry,” explained Mr. Record. “We need people who are experienced in marketing, sales, promotions, online, web designers, and of course, talent for the tour.”

Most of the positions would be based locally, such as marketing, promotions, graphic designers, etc, but the performing artists would be required to participate in the nationwide tour. Mr. Record hopes the company will be able to draw in lots of local talent for Under the Moonlight as well.

“There are a lot of different dance schools and performing artists in the area,” he said. “We have high hopes that a lot of them will be interested in auditioning for the tour across Canada.”

Currently, the company employs 11 people, but is looking to add another six to eight members to its full-time staff.

The new studio is located just off Main Street and Highway 89 in Shelburne, and Mr. Record says they are excited about opening to the public, as Shelburne residents and officials have already been incredibly welcoming.

“[The town] seems excited too,” he said. “We went to a town meeting and spoke as a delegation with the Mayor and council a few weeks ago. They are very supportive of what we are doing. They even gave us a personal letter of support.”

He added the welcoming feeling and way of running businesses in a small community were a large part of the draw to opening a studio here.

“There are a lot of people trying to do what we’re doing in the city, and a lot of it is the same,” said Mr. Record. “Out here, community is a big thing. I can see this almost becoming a hub, where companies can come in, work together, and bring a lot of different things to the table.”

For more information about Rise Again Entertainment Inc. or to find out more about employment opportunities, you can visit their website, Applicants interested in pursuing any of the open positions can forward their resumes to William Stephenson, Business Manager at Rise Again Entertainment Inc. by email at

To find out more about Mr. Record, you can visit, where you can hear his latest single Closer, or check out a video recap from the company’s last event.

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