Lets not see a repetition

January 26, 2017   ·   0 Comments

THE MOST VISIBLE change in the rebuilt section of First Avenue between First and Second streets was obviously the creation of intermittent parking spaces on the north side of the street which are interspersed with boulevards.

It was the first design of the sort introduced to Orangeville, and we hope it will be the last.

Apart from reducing the number of parking spaces in a part of town that desperately needs it (particularly when the Farmer’s Market is operating), the design has made it virtually impossible for town plows to clear the snow away from the new parking spaces and left snowbanks that have effectively narrowed the street in places, to the point where passing is almost as difficult as it is on Second Avenue between First and Second streets.

In the circumstances, perhaps the Town should examine how much it would cost to restore the street to its original width in the spring before it gets its final coat of asphalt.

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