‘Inequality is apparent’

July 21, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Re Doug Skeates’ column, “Justice in Ontario’s Back Yard”:

When I was a teenager, my parents drove me north and we visited an “Indian” village.  The poverty and depression was appalling, even to me; so I spent some money on a trinket offered for sale.  We also visited a native family, where I met a boy of 15 who had failed Grade 7 twice and intended to leave school as soon as possible, “to go hunting.”

The society that “whites” are bent on educating will take time to convert, and some persons will never become “educational.”  Surely there is room for a native approach to life, where we don’t coddle them with food, housing and money till they have nothing to do but contemplate suicide.

As to schooling, my high school included an indoor swimming pool.  Are all northern Ontario high schools so equipped?  Inequality is apparent.

Charles Hooker
East Garafraxa, Ontario

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