Headwaters Dental offers free dental services for those in need

November 9, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

If you are in need of dental services but have delayed getting help due to the cost, Headwaters Dental will again be offering a day of free dental services.

Dr. Raj Khanuja has been hosting free clinic days since 2012 and now does it on an annual basis at the eight dental clinics he operates.

The concept of doing a day of dental care started several years ago when Dr. Raj had a client who had to choose between getting her teeth and buying hockey equipment for her son.

While Dr. Raj has colleagues who have donated time in foreign countries, he thought he could do some good by helping people who live in the same towns where he practices. The free dental clinics do not require an application or proof that clients cannot pay. Anyone who has a need can receive dental care.

“We started doing this in 2012,” Dr. Raj explained. “We started doing it at one clinic at a time. If they need it, they come in. We don’t ask questions. For some people, the situation creates hardship for them. They can come in, no questions.”

The clinic will offer three different procedures. This includes cleaning, scaling up to two units, polishing, fluoride, and white/tooth-coloured filing limited to one tooth per patient. Dr. Raj also offers simple extractions, which is the removal of a tooth (limited to one tooth per patient).

At Headwaters Dental, the free clinic will take place on Wednesday, November 29, at 170 Lakeview Ct., Orangeville.

You must call to make an appointment at 519-941-2273.

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