First fertility clinic in Orangeville opens its doors

December 17, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

The first fertility clinic in Orangeville and the surrounding area opened its doors at the start of last month, offering a broad range of services to the community.

Charm Fertility (14 5th Avenue) has partnered with two well-known medical practitioners in the Orangeville area, Dr. Vasudeva and Dr. Caruso to offer gynaecology services, fertility treatments, and everything needed to have a healthy pregnancy.

“We want to be there for the community, we want to make the business as accessible as possible, we want to make the treatment as accessible as possible, and we want to have very short wait times,” noted Mo Hankir, CEO of Charm Fertility.

One in six couples suffer from fertility issues and doctors will start evaluating potential fertility problems after six months of trying for a pregnancy.

The process of becoming pregnant can be very draining on a couple who’s trying to conceive with no success and Charm Fertility is very cognizant of this fact, Hankir noted.

“The process itself is vey, very emotional and frustrating… we’re here to help the patient navigate the process with the least amount of pain. The process itself is not easy,” he told the Citizen.

Hankir said there’s a growing trend of adults wanting to focus on their careers over conceiving, so they preserve their eggs and access them later, in their 40s or 50s, when they’re ready for children.

“There’s many options, people don’t know about all the options. They can use other people’s eggs, they can have someone else can carry their baby for them, using their eggs, so there’s many options,” he noted.

Hankir said his clinic offers one-stop-shopping to patients, who can access all of the reproductive services needed, in the same location.

He told the Citizen he wants to focus on the patient’s experience and provide convenience for them when accessing reproductive health services.

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