Fire damage at Brampton Flying Club exceeds $3.5 million

March 8, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Joshua Santos

Caledon Firefighters estimated damages exceed about $3.5 million after a mammoth fire erupted at the Brampton Flying Club on Monday, March 4 at about 10 a.m.

Caledon Fire and Emergency Services were on the scene in the afternoon immediately trying to extinguish the flame.

“Upon arrival, crews found a fully involved aircraft inside a hanger,” said Darryl Bailey, fire chief of Caledon Fire and Emergency Services. “An offensive attack was performed, fighting a fire from within a structure. The fire was fast moving with rapidly changing conditions. Crews were ordered to withdraw from the hangar because of structural damage, and began a defensive attack, fighting a fire outside of a structure, to prevent the fire from spreading.”

Bailey said there were earlier reports of someone still inside the hanger. The missing person, however, was located several hours later. 

“As of 3 p.m. today, the occupant who was considered missing has been accounted for. No injuries have been reported,” states a Town news release. 

A number of aircrafts where destroyed inside the hanger when an aircraft inside caught on fire. 

There is no fire hydrant in the immediate area of the property. Bailey said crews had to use tankers to shuttle water to the scene from fire hydrants some distances away.

“Also, minimal water was used from an in-ground water supply nearby, which was later replenished,” said Bailey. 

The Ontario Fire Marshal Emergency Management Office has been notified as the fire caused massive destruction to the property.

“OFM was called because damages exceeded $500,000,” said Bailey. “OFM will receive an investigation report from Caledon Fire, through typical reporting procedures.” 

Caledon Fire received assistance from King Fire and Emergency Services, Orangeville Fire Department and Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. The fire cause remains under investigation.

“Brampton, Orangeville and King provided station coverage for three Caledon Fire 

Stations,” said Bailey. “Brampton also provided one aerial apparatus, fire truck with a ladder.”

Bailey said Caledon Fire released the building back to the owner, who will need to work with the insurance company to coordinate a clean-up of the site and determine when it can be reopened. 

The building was one of seven hangers at the airport. The roof of the building collapsed as thick, black smoke filled the skies. The nearby Brampton Flying Club restaurant was evacuated. 

McLaughlin Road from Old School Road to King Street was closed, while a portion of Highway 10 remained closed for several hours. Local residents were asked to stay clear of the area as emergency crews were on scene.

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