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At its May meeting, held Tuesday evening, the Upper Grand District School Board approved recommendations related to French Review and transfers proposed for the next school year.

The trustees approved a number of recommendations related to the Upper Grand DSB’s French Review. The recommendations dealt with a variety of factors relating to French as a Second Language instruction in the district, including French Immersion enrolment caps, FI instructional time, and the entry point into the FI program.

For the full list of recommendations approved by trustees, visit the board website at

Elementary Principal Transfers

The following Elementary Principal transfers are effective September 1:

Mike McNamara from Mitchell Woods PS to Drayton Heights PS;

Mair Gault from Brant Avenue PS to Mitchell Woods PS;

Tracy Oldfield-Baker from Priory Park PS to Palmerston PS;

Jeff Crawford from Drayton Heights PS to Ponsonby PS;

Kim Kowch from Victoria Terrace PS to Priory Park PS;

Tracy Armstrong from Princess Margaret PS to Ross R. MacKay PS;

 Wilma Shannon from Palmerston PS to Victoria Terrace PS

Tammy Fleming From Mono-Amaranth PS to Centennial Hylands PS.

Elementary Principal Appointments

The following Elementary Principal appointments are effective September 1:

Mike Anderson from Westwood PS to Brant Avenue PS

Monique Philion-Smith from Peel DSB to Mono-Amaranth PS

Dianna Secord from Spencer Avenue ES (Acting) to Spencer Avenue ES

Paul Tribe from Ponsonby PS to Aberfoyle PS (Acting)

Elementary Vice-Principal Transfers

The following Elementary Vice-principal transfers are effective September 1, 2016:

Kaye Martin from Parkinson Centennial PS to Glenbrook ES

Sarah Garrett from Princess Elizabeth PS to JD Hogarth PS

Hanna Morris from Waverley Drive PS to Kortright Hills PS

Suzee Kennedy from Glenbrook ES to Mono-Amaranth PS

Barb Tomkins from JD Hogarth PS to Princess Elizabeth PS

Amy Ewing from Kortright Hills PS to Waverley Drive PS

Sean Cameron from Willow Road PS to William C. Winegard PS

Elementary Vice-Principal Appointments

The following Vice-principal Appointments are effective September 1:

Shashana Hare from John McCrae PS to Brisbane PS

Andrea Papavasiliou from Parkinson Centennial PS to Credit Meadows ES

Shawn Henderson from Montgomery Village PS (temporary) to Montgomery Village PS

Andrew Cloutier from Program Department/Harris Mill PS to Westwood PS

Chad Reay from Program Department to Willow Road PS

Amanda Myer from Kawartha Pineridge DSB to Parkinson Centennial PS

Interim Financial Reporting

This the second Interim Financial Report presented to the board for the 2015-2016 school year. It measures the percentage of the budget used to March 31, 2016 with the percentage used from the previous year (2014-2015). The percentage of the budget used is 58.8% compared with last year at the same time as 60.7%.

UGDSB staff highlighted and showcased numerous programs and initiatives that have taken place during the 2015-16 school year. Included in the presentations were updates to trustees on the Upper Grand’s regional skills competition, which continues to grow. This year’s competition took place in three venues and featured more than 1,000 students in grades 4 to 8.

Staff also provided an update on the annual Special Olympics track and field day. For the past 15 years, Upper Grand and Wellington Catholic DSB students have come together to compete in Guelph. The track meet has grown to be one of the largest and most successful in the area. This year’s event brought together 616 student athletes, 555 peer coaches, 448 staff members and more than 100 volunteers.

Trustees received an update on a transformation within the board, shifting from school libraries to Library Learning Commons. At the end of April, 60 teacher-librarians travelled to four different Library Learning Commons within the board. The goals of the LIB2LLC event were to see in person the physical transformations happening in our schools, provide an opportunity for teacher-librarians to ask questions and get advice on establishing their own Library Learning Commons, witness Makerspaces and hands-on learning in action, and show the support available to help make the change from library to Library Learning Commons.

Staff made stops at Montgomery Village PS and Spencer Avenue ES in Orangeville and Westwood and Westminster Woods Public Schools in Guelph. Students from each school were on hand, showing staff all of the amazing ways to create, innovate and think outside of the box in their school’s Library Learning Commons.

Secondary Identified Schools Report

Staff presented the annual Secondary Identified Schools Report to the Board. The report compares projected enrolment figures for the next school year with the capacity for each school. Schools that are projected to be overcapacity of underutilized for the upcoming school year are identified. This year, the report was expanded to include projected school utilization rates for the next five years, so trustees are provided with a longer term perspective of enrolment issues across the jurisdiction.

Trustees approved Policy 504 Equity and Inclusive Education, which states that it is the policy of the UGDSB to ensure a safe and inclusive learning and working environment for all students, staff and the community, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, socio-economic status, employment, housing, sex, and sexual orientation. The full policy and procedures are available on the board website at

The next regular monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday June 28, at the Guelph Board Office, 500 Victoria Road North. Everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

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