Orangeville again witnesses 1 Million Person March rally against sex education curriculum

October 26, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The 1 Million Person March 4 Children movement held a second rally through the streets of Orangeville on Saturday, Oct. 21, to protest the sex education curriculum in Ontario.

The group’s first march was held on Sept. 20, in conjunction with marches across Canada. 

Over 60 people gathered at Alexandra Park on Saturday afternoon before marching through downtown Orangeville. Organizers said they hope the march becomes a monthly event.

Similar marches were held in various cities across the country on Oct. 21.

“At our last march, we had quite a few LGBT out protesting against us – out fight isn’t with them,” said event organizer Jeremy Glass. “We sent Orangeville Mayor Lisa Post an e-mail addressing our concerns with the town, we sent Sylvia Jones (Simcoe-Grey MPP) an e-mail, as well as e-mails to Kyle Seeback (Simcoe-Grey MP) and to the Upper Grand School Board saying we were doing this march. Our concerns are with them, not the LGBT community.”

Marchers began walking down Broadway, then completed a loop going through the Walmart plaza, then back to Alexandra Park.

“What we are protesting against is the curriculum in our schools,” Mr. Glass said. “We want our kids to go to school for an education, not an indoctrination. If you want to teach your kids your beliefs at home, that’s fine. We’re sending them to school for an education.”

He added, “I’m hoping this becomes a monthly thing here – that’s the plan. We just hope more mothers and fathers step up.”

Mr. Glass encouraged marchers to be peaceful and not interact with anyone protesting against the march.

“We’d like to see a silent march after the picture they painted of us last time,” he said to the crowd of protesters before marching. “We were on great behaviour last time, and I’m sure we’ll be on great behaviour this time. We can’t help the picture they paint of us – we just know what we’re here for and what we stand for, and we know we’re doing the right thing.”

A small group of five or six counter-protesters gathered across the street from Alexandra Park, carrying signs. However, the marchers didn’t respond to taunts.

Dufferin OPP Sgt. Terri-Ann said the protest took place without incident.

“The OPP respects the right of everyone to freedom of expression,” said Dufferin OPP Sgt. Terri-Ann Penacarinha. “The OPP role is to ensure public safety and to keep the peace.”

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