Dunk Disposal holding 4th Annual Donations Drive

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By Constance Scrafield

Dunk Disposal is holding its 4th Annual Donation Drive for the Orangeville Food Bank.

Next Wednesday (Dec. 15), business owner Cameron Dunkerley and his crew, will be driving around to all of the houses who booked a donation pickup through social media, email or telephone, with Dunk Disposal. To request to have your non-perishable food items or unopened toys taken from your doorstep and delivered to the local food bank, email or call 519-217-7149.

“People can book with us right up to December 15,” said Dunkerley.

The way the Annual Donations Drive started was when Dunkerley and his brother, Devon, with their disposal business still relatively new, were looking to get more involved with the community. They came up with the idea of offering to collect donations for the Food Bank.

Dunkerley said, “I started it with customers and friends. I was picking up things so donors wouldn’t have to go out and every year, it’s a little bit bigger and this year we hope it will be the same.”

The Dunk Disposal business has been steadily growing too, while the Dunkerley brothers continue doing what they can to help in the community, doing community clean-ups as example, to get to be known in the area. The motive is twofold: their exposure to the communities is excellent, people getting to know them and what they do, seeing them as energetic and thorough, then remembering them when a clean-up job is required.

More importantly, though, is the sincere wish to be of help where help is needed. Dunkerley and Devon Dunkerley assist wherever they see the need and represent themselves well.

This understanding comes from his background, about which he told us earlier that his father “…was also a business owner; my mom was just always working hard and being respectful.”

The parents taught their sons respect for others and instilled in them an understanding that involvement in the community is good ethics and good for business promotion.

“We help where we can and try to… do as much business as we can too,” was his message.

A specific area for service can be finite and the Dunkerley brothers have expanded their catchment area as opportunity and demand have suggested. Initially, their region was Orangeville, Caledon and surrounding areas. At the beginning, their business became a business because they were offering to deliver things for friends and family from Orangeville to other towns. It did not take long for them to realize they had a way of earning money from this service.

“We’re always looking to take on more work,” Dunkerley said. “Our service has definitely expanded. We also go to Simcoe; we’ll go further away. We do a lot on social media and just maintain a good reputation – a lot of word of mouth too.”

Basically, Dunk Disposal’s service is to remove what is no longer wanted, regardless of what it is. Taking away sheds, all kinds of removal services from a single item and all sorts of decorative items like hot tubs, old structures – you name it. For those many renovations, the Dunk Disposal team will go into a home and take out all the discarded building material and leave the place clean. They recycle what can be recycled and dispose of the rest. Sometimes, they actually have to pay to recycle.

While he is committed full to the business, he commented, “Everybody in the company is also looking at becoming a firefighter, going into the military – other community-based careers. My father was also a firefighter.”

Indeed, so well is Dunk Disposal doing that there are more than the two brothers working for it. There are now four people involved and two trucks: Noah Longshore, Aiden MacCloud and Matthew Jaques have joined the team; and as Mr. Dunkerley explained, “Sophie Lavigne helps keep us on track with marketing and digital stuff and keeping us organized.”

The origins of Dunk Disposal began when Dunkerley was in high school grade 11, in 2016 and he had just bought a truck.

Ever since then, “We try to get involved in as many community projects as we can – we do what we can and I think that’s [a] huge part of why we are where we are now.”

The business’ offer is a full service; they take care of everything, both disposal and recycling, “a completely stress free process,” Dunkerley assured us. “That’s where we can help where ever we can, getting rid of hot tubs and sheds.”

They quote their services on a job to job basis. Covid-19 protocols are still adhered to with the teams always wearing gloves and masks and sanitizing between jobs.

About their commitment to how they dispose material, he told the Citizen, “We are passionate about our environment just as many members of our community are. We will recycle and donate material whenever possible to avoid everything automatically entering landfills. There are specific recycling centres that we go to when responsibly disposing of specific items.”

The Annual Donation Drive for the Food Bank takes place on December 15. To have you collection of non-perishable food and unopened toys picked up and delivered to the Food Bank by Dunk Disposal, you can call right up until the date.

Check the website for all their social media platforms information: or email: or call Dunkerley at 519-217-7149

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