Dufferin Community Foundation awarded official charitable status

January 7, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

The Dufferin Community Foundation (DCF) is now officially a registered charity, having met the requirements for tax-exempt status under the Income Tax Act through the Canada Revenue Agency.

This milestone means that the Foundation can issue its own tax receipts to donors who want to help build endowment funds and meet modest operating expenses. These donations create a sustainable way to support vital charitable work throughout Dufferin County.

“It means you can really start to build those funds, and gather other donations from philanthropists out in the community that are looking to support the community, but do want that tax exempt opportunity,” says Shirley Boxem, DCF’s secretary. 

DCF is part of a nationwide movement of over 191 community foundations whose objective is to help build stronger and more vibrant communities. According to their website their goal is to “supplement the ongoing charitable work in our community by creating new sources of funding for them,” acting as champions for important issues and direct grants to everything from shelter, education, care for those in need, the environment, recreation and the arts, and more.

“Typically the foundation will organize around themes. We have areas of interest, but they are not exclusive,” explains Ms. Boxem, meaning you can donate to a specific cause in the community. 

The Foundation’s vision of the County is “a vibrant place where community innovation and leadership flourish, supported by an engaged, focused, well managed and funded charitable sector.”

They held their first Board of Directors meeting in April; opened its first mini-grant competition in July; held a highly successful launch at the Adamo Estate Winery in September; and began showcasing local charities on its website in October.

“Building community foundations is a really long term thing,” notes Ms. Boxem. “You’re building a foundation of investments.”

She adds that it has been a very busy year for DCF. “Once we’ve got that learning phase behind you, you’re better able to focus on what needs to be done,” which she says are growing, communicate; build relationships and a greater presence in the community.

The Foundation’s next steps are the first year-end report, a 2019 fund-building campaign, and an active search for volunteers to serve on the Finance and Outreach Committees.

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