Circular Economy Month marked in Dufferin County

October 19, 2023   ·   0 Comments

Dufferin County Council recently proclaimed October 2023 Circular Economy Month in Dufferin County.

“Dufferin County is proud to proclaim October 2023 Circular Economy Month! This month provides us with the important opportunity to learn more about protecting our planet and reducing waste,” says Melissa Kovacs Reid, Manager, Waste Services. “Circular Economy Month raises awareness about the benefits of the circular economy and celebrates circular innovations. We encourage Dufferin residents to learn more about the circular economy throughout October, take part in Waste Reduction Week and encourage others to take action to reduce our waste locally!”

October 16 to 22, 2023 is also Waste Reduction Week, an extension of Circular Economy Month. Each day this week has a different theme related to waste reduction. Residents, schools and businesses can participate by following Dufferin Waste’s daily tips for the week!

Textiles Tuesday

Donate your unwanted textiles and keep them out of the landfill to help work towards Clothes’ing the Loop on textiles. Not sure if your worn and torn textiles can be donated? Some organizations accept those too! Use the Clothes’ing the Loop Map Tool to find businesses, organizations and community donation bins near you.

E-Waste Wednesday

Wednesday is E-waste Day! Do you have a lot of electronics piling up? Get rid of them responsibly by attending the Hazardous and Electronic Waste event on Saturday, October 21sat the Orangeville Agricultural Society Event Centre from 8am to 3pm! For more information on acceptable items and limitations, visit  

Plastics Thursday

How can you help reduce plastic pollution? Choose to reuse! Switch to reusable grocery and produce bags, reusable take-out containers, reusable utensils, reusable straws and reusable coffee mugs. Reusable items help reduce waste and keep materials, such as plastics, out of lakes and oceans and the landfill!

Food Waste Friday

Did you know that the average household wastes $1500 worth of food per year? Imagine what you could do with an extra $1500 if you wasted less food and saved more money! Many foods wasted are healthy fruits and vegetables. Not only are you losing money but you’re also losing nutritional value!Use our resources to help you preserve what you buy, save money and eat healthier in the process!

Sharing Economy Saturday

Do you have unwanted items, such as appliances, clothing, dishes and more? Take them back to a participating vendor for reuse, recycling, and proper disposal. Download the Take it Back Directory to find vendors near you. When you take back your unwanted items, you help contribute to a circular economy and keep waste from ending up in the landfill!

Swap and Repair Sunday

Attend a clothing swap party or organize your own! Check out the Swap It Toolkit from the Circular Innovation Council to get started. Attending repair cafes or DYI repair projects are also a great way to repurpose materials instead of throwing them away. Visit the Share, Reuse, Repair Hub to learn more!

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