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At the November 22nd Orangeville Council meeting, I witnessed Sandy Brown, the so-called mayor of Orangeville, cut off in mid-stream a presentation to Council by a member of the Dufferin County community.

The presenter (Miss Graciela Mustapha) was in the middle of expressing the stance of numerous people in the community who are against the vaccine mandates and passports on the basis of the Canadian Bill of Rights.

This was apparently too much for the mayor (elected by people like Miss Mustapha), and, in a fit of pique, rudely cut her off, denying her the right to fully express her concerns to Council, simply because he was in disagreement with her stance.

This is appalling censorship and an abuse of power. He also did not ask for any comments from the councillors at the meeting, instead unilaterally declaring it time to move on to the next item on the agenda.

This is behaviour befitting a spoiled child, not an elected mayor. Mr. Brown needs to publicly apologize to Miss Mustapha or lose any legitimacy he might currently have as the Mayor of Orangeville.

Harry Posner


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  1. Concerned public says:

    Mayor should be removed!! This is disgusting behavior


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