Orangeville councillor seeks Liberal nomination for next federal election

December 23, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

An Orangeville councillor recently filed her paperwork to the Liberal Riding Association, seeking the Dufferin–Caledon MP candidacy in the next federal election, slated for 2023.

Coun. Lisa Post was approached by the candidate search committee from the riding association a couple months ago and decided to put her hat in the ring two weeks back, after receiving support from family and friends.

Now she has been green lit to file as a candidate and says if any others apply and are approved, a nomination meeting will be held where Liberal Party members decide the official candidate by vote.

Coun. Post told the Citizen she feels well suited for the MP position for a variety of reasons, but primarily it’s her unique perspective on the region that she’s developed through municipal politics and her drive to see the region succeed that will bring about progress.

“I think the most compelling piece, which really made me feel like this was the moment that I had to do this was through 2020, working and dealing with the pandemic, we really need a strong local community voice in Ottawa to get all of the resources that we need in Dufferin–Caledon to get us through the recovery process of COVID-19,” she said.

“As we move forward, we know that there’s going to be a significant economic recovery, and I’m a community based person and I’m looking for community based solutions to make sure that we can get out of COVID-19 in a strong economic perspective.”

Apart from responding to COVID-19, Coun. Post said rural Internet would be a serious area of focus if she’s elected as MP.

“Rural broadband is a big piece and I know there’s been some work done at the County level on this already, but we’re not there yet,” she explained.

Other issues Coun. Post would like to address include environmental sustainability and diversity/inclusion.

“I think there’s a big opportunity to change our riding from a diversity and inclusion perspective and just be that more inclusive community,” she stressed.

Economics is going to be the greatest priority for all candidates heading into the next federal election, as Canadians will likely still be enduring the fallout of COVID-19.

“I think that this next election, whenever it’s called, the biggest focus is going to be on economic recovery through the pandemic and from the pandemic. So that is top of mind. I can’t stress enough, we really need community based solution, and long term solutions that will help the people who were really affected deeply by the pandemic,” Coun. Post explained.

She said she’s also heavily rooted in the community, with Orangeville being her hometown, so she has a solid understanding of longstanding issues impacting the region.

“Being community focused is going to be key. What we need for a strong voice in Ottawa is to make sure that there’s somebody who understands the issues of the local area, who can voice them with the appropriate people and make sure that our riding is heard,” Coun. Post stressed.

She told the Citizen being connected to the community and being unafraid to use her voice to fight for the community will be her biggest strength.

“We need a strong community voice and you’re not going to find anybody more passionate about the community than me. It’s as simple as that,” Coun. Post said.

Anyone looking to voice their local concerns or get in contact with Coun. Post regarding her bid as the Liberal candidate for the next federal election can do so by calling 519-216-8368 or emailing

“I really want to be able to talk to people in this community about the issues that are impacting them the most, whether it be through COVID, or through anything else,” she said.

“I want to understand what they want from a representative. This campaign isn’t about me at all… It’s a campaign about community and making sure that there’s a strong community voice.”


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