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Many people will say what they believe they need to say, in order to get the financial support and help they need from others to do their own will, carry out their own plans by their own undisclosed agendas.

‘Talk is Cheap’. You’ve heard that before. But what do you do when you hear promisesmade by people who have no personal accountability in the promises they make or have made? Do you, or, would you often open your wallet to their great-sounding plans and ideas?

There was a time when a man’s word or a man’s promise was as good as his name; and especially if he would shake hands on it. But not so today, in this generation. The only kind of promises anyone can depend on, and can take to the bank these days, are only those promises that are supported andbacked up with a signature. Anything less than that are not worth more than only a bucket of tastybeans. But if you are the one to swallow them, then be prepared to be ‘cleaned-out’ in the ‘end’.

Want proof on how much risk wise people will take on your credibility? Here is one way to find out. No matter how much money you have in the bank, try to make an oral ‘Offer to Purchase’, to an owner or owners of a valuable piece of property anywhere in this country, for their property, without signing your name on a contract offer, and also without backing it up with a deposit cheque or bank transfer or cash.

See if the owners will accept it or if their lawyers will take you seriously. Then also refuse to give them (the property owners and their lawyers ) any more than the offer, as is, and the style in which you had already presented to them. Oh, and you can also try to explain why you can’t sign your name to the offer, and why you can’t give a money deposit. And you can also offer all kinds of excuses for them, why you still can’t do it. And see, if all your excuses will make a difference in their response.

See what happens? It wouldn’t be hard to imagine! As, ‘the richest man in town’, Mr. Potter once said, “They’d run you out of town on a rail” (from the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life).

“There’s a sucker born every day.” You’ve heard that before, I hope. If you haven’t, then may Isuggest you take some professional lessons to learn something about protecting yourself against those kinds of people who don’t do what they say or promise. Learn how to avoid any traps that are out there for you. Or, you can choose to take the easier way, and not learn how; but instead, learn some lessons. There is a big difference between the two. The second can be more painful, and is more expensive. Sometimes, it can cost you everything you may own. So, take a lesson and learn, or you will learn a lesson. Your choice. But you don’t have to believe me. Just look around and see.

Our politicians have been promising us everything they know that we like to hear. It’s called ‘salesmanship’ or what some like to call ‘political business’ or rhetoric. But they didn’t tell us that the price for all those ‘political presents’ was going to bankrupt our country.

You see, they also use and used credit (deficits) to pay for all of it. So, what are Canadians going to do now? “Well, the party is just about over. And when it is, everybody is going to have to find their own ‘way’ back home.”

When that time rolls around; and I can assure you this, it will, that unless our God blesses Canada with a miracle, those politicians won’t be around to be heard, or to be seen to help you out with a ride then. Just beware of all those free gifts out there that are actually ‘fools’ rewards’ in clever disguises, under their attractive and irresistible wrappings.

I hope and pray that you don’t find all this said here, too much to swallow.

Gordon C. Snell

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