Where will it all end?

June 29, 2017   ·   0 Comments

$15.00 minimum wage and all other wages forced upwards, whether employers can afford it or not. Would it be six months?  A year? For this to be deemed “below the poverty line:?

Already that Toronto papers that so loudly advocates for $15.00 had publications demanding no less that $25.00 as the crystal ball foretells $15.00 to be inadequate  for  “poor” people in this lavish living society of grand-privileged folks where celebrations, “mountains”  of toys, clothes, and other merchandise have people living in homes that look like warehouses, and where vanity spendings have gone out of control.

When will the demands end? When minimum wage is $100.00 per hour and bread $30.00 a loaf and rent starting at $8000.00 a month for a mini piece of four walls, or when we take a wheel barrow full of worthless cash to supermarkets?

The way the anti-poverty advocates holler you would think they are striving to end slavery in global sweat shops, child labour and slave camps full of helpless parents and their little children.

Where are the “leaders” courageous enough to tell people to: live within their means?  that the boss invests money, time, energy, expertise and takes a whole lot of risks to successfully run a business and deserves some benefits from it all, and should not have to close the door or lay off some employees to accommodate forced fatter living for some while others join the unemployment or welfare lines; that would tell folks  to put food, shelter, education, and health first;  that would let folks know there must be a limit to the handouts?

It’s like a Western money tree flowing in eternity.

It is a puzzle that wages rise to keep pace with inflation. It appears that inflation is always bursting to climb at the mere hint of more money on the pay cheques or taxpayer gift cheques.

When folks are given more money and told to go spend it to keep the economy “strong”, what is to be expected? More salon visits? More elaborate hair, wigs, braids,, manicures, pedicures for each family member?;  more extravaganza passed off as “better quality of life”?  More disposable/single-use-items?  More food and merchandise lining the streets in shiny bags/bins richly called “garbage”?  More environmental degradation? All this in the name of jobs and “robust” economy? It’s a feel-good merry-go-round of the too-much-money problem.

Questions are raised when people never complain about the high price of luxuries, fun, games, pleasures, but endlessly tug at people’s heart with farcical “heat or eat” slogans, and words like “hunger” when 60 bananas equal the price of one shot of peroxide  for uncomplaining hair owned by ever-longing persons in a society gone mad about “beauty” that eats up money.

This is not a Liberal Party doings. That fella that was making the media rounds spreading his urge to see everyone given generous “living wages”  is from that other big party.  Yet the other notable party sounds like it is itching to further increase the handouts.

This clearly looks more like a cunning, calculated, irresponsible and placating thing.

Gloria Ramnath



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