Where do we go from here?

July 8, 2021   ·   0 Comments

What is the right step in the next direction for us as citizens post-Covid?

What as citizens are we willing to continue to let go and give up? What as citizens are we able to demand our governments hold up because we think it’s worth keeping? How long before we find ourselves stepping away from the frustrating embarrassment of federal and provincial politics because we are tired of continually reminding these governments that we deserve better? Better public support for health, for schools, for long term care. Better pathways for our future citizens. Better evidence of meaningful results for our indigenous past.

Think of the word candidate. Don’t we want to elect one that CAN and DID something important for us by a defined DATE?

Maybe it’s time to change who is at the government table and how they got there.

Please consider voting for a candidate who will deliver responsible proportional representation. As citizens we deserve a system of government at all levels committed to respectful civic engagement.

Lynda McDougall

Orangeville, ON

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