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August 30, 2018   ·   0 Comments

Re: Orangeville’s fall election:

All the candidates claim to oppose wasteful spending. A candidate should say which spending should be cut and which spending is necessary. I’m not in favour of a candidate that rings the doorbell, drops off a placard and asks for support in the fall election without discussion. I want the candidate to afford the time and interest of the issues from each of the taxpayers who’s doorbell they push. This is not a “Just Handing Out and Vote 4 Me Placards” election..

Is this going to be just another election that will soon pass and where there will be no real change in direction or wasteful spending? I’m already experiencing the candidates “Drop & Run” placard strategy. I am supporting candidates for council that can afford their time and actually listen with an open mind, not a predetermined objective regardless of taxpayer comments. These are simply novices running in this election, that may send Orangeville Council back to ground zero and who will soon be using my tax dollars at leisure. The accumulation of representatives’ placards at my front door leaves me wondering, who are these people? It appears their priority is to leave the homeowner a “name” so hopefully you will remember them and place an “X” next to that name on election day.. I’m trying to be realistic and not expect miracles but at the same time, candidates shouldn’t make promises immediately followed by “I’m only one vote”. We all know where candidates get the funding for promised services. I’m also somewhat sceptical of candidates on social media talking about change but never mentioning costs.. Over the years at Town meetings many residents have expressed concern and openly shared high property tax figures..

We are one of the highest residential taxed Towns in Ontario … We, are neighbours, friends and family that all share residential tax frustration. I find many candidates work very hard to avoid giving direct answers to questions but instead direct you to a website..

So here are a few of the ongoing important issues I want to discuss with the candidate before I vote.

I want to know each candidate’s position on the following should he/she be elected regarding “Taxpayer First” concerns. I want to discuss some of these issues and other points when a candidate rings my doorbell. These issues should be at the top of the agenda facing the new Council and others should be re-visited in the coming Budget in 2019….

According to information relating to the coming 2019 residential property taxes, the residential taxes could see an increase of possibly 5%+, not counting the County and education levies. …. We may be fortunate this is not a property “assessment year.”

Candidates position:

√ PP vs OPS ?

√ olding the line on residential tax increase?

√ he hiring of eight additional firemen?

√ axpayer ever escalating “subsidized” services, (i.e, transit – dollar value costs to taxpayer)?

√ otal Town sidewalk snow removal ?

√ own staffing; should there be a freeze or reduction ?

√ arks & Recreation summer hiring of 40-plus ?

√ he Town’s (taxpayer) cost of the rail service ?

James T



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