Wanted: a little common sense

September 14, 2017   ·   0 Comments

WE’D LOVE TO SEE the memorandum Sobeys Inc. sent to its stores when they started to stock beer and/or wine this year.

We’re pretty sure the Ontario government figured that the policy adopted by the LCBO to prevent minors purchasing alcoholic beverages would be adopted by grocery stores that gained the right to stock and sell beer and wine.

That policy involves clear warnings at all LCBO outlets that anyone 25 or under must be ready to show proof that they are over the legal drinking age of 19. The implication is that customers who no longer look like teenagers need not worry about having proof of their age.

But as you’ll see elsewhere in this week’s Citizen, at least one Sobeys clerk interpreted the store’s policy as requiring every customer who wanted to buy beer to show his or her proof of age – among them an 85-year-old man who’d left his driver’s licence in his car.

Perhaps Sobeys might clarify its policy as requiring proof of age only from those customers who only wish they looked like they were under 19.

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