Walmsley promises a ‘fresh perspective’

September 14, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Diane Walmsley is eyeing a spot as Mono councillor in the upcoming October municipal election, placing a strong emphasis on the people and the environment.

As a resident of the town for just three years, this is the freelance writer’s first opportunity to run for the position. “This is the first place I bought a home, this where I had my son, this is where I’m raising my family.”

Speaking to the Citizen, she explained that she wants to focus on what she loves about the town, namely the people, families, local businesses, and the environment. “I would oppose any proposals that endanger the health and safety of the people,” in particular opposing any new aggregate pits.

Ms. Walmsley described her overall vision of Mono as a “healthy, thriving, and engaged, and thoughtfully managed,” town.

She said that although she supports renewable energy, it shouldn’t be at the cost of people’s health, in particular wind turbines. “The ultimate cost of that clean energy isn’t worth it in the end.”

She also commented on the need to see a review of the town’s traffic design “and ensure it meets the current realities of our road use.”

When asked about high speed Internet, Ms. Walmsley said that she would like to see it become available for everyone in the town, but that it needs the proper infrastructure and evaluation.

She also discussed the importance of keeping reasonable, balanced taxes and budgets.

She added that she knew she wanted to get involved, and though she values long-term experience as being very important in government, that is “best paired with a fresh perspective,” with “a new set of eyes in the mix,” adding that she can bring a “unique perspective” to council.

She noted, “that council could certainly use” her younger, fresher perspective and energy, which she says would mix well with the members of council who are seeking re-election.

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