True or False?

January 13, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Why are most people afraid to learn about, or to know the truth about themselves and other people in their lives?

I am not a gambling man, but I’m willing to bet that readers to this question have their 100s of personal answers they would rather not divulge or share. I’ll also bet that 99 percent of their reasons are also related to either SELF PRIDE or a PERSONAL FEAR of something. Think about it.

So, where does that leave all the others who might really want to know the truth, but for some reason — or reasons beyond their influence, power or control — they can’t get it, because it is being withheld from them? Wouldn’t that leave them partly ‘in-the-dark’ on what is really going on around them? Is that being honest and fair to them? And yes, sometimes it can be more dangerous or deceiving to get or to hear only 50 percent of the truth about something, rather than to get or hear nothing at all. Can you remember some of those times about yourself?

The first big mistake ever made by the first humans on earth, Adam and Eve, was the result of them being only ‘partly’ informed. And look where it has always led humanity into, even today. Mostly into one big growing war zone. One big mess. But still, there will always be some among us who still choose it to be this way, no matter what. Sad, but true. And many people are familiar with that reason.

If you think I am wrong, can you show me where and why?

If you would like to share some information — but can’t or won’t — is it because you yourself has something to hide? Wondering why these questions are being asked?

Maybe it could shed some light on the kind of world and environment we are all living in today? That is, if you and others really want to know. And why should anyone not want to know?

Gordon C. Snell

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