Trudeau’s spending

December 12, 2022   ·   1 Comments

This letter is about and to a naive and disrespectful Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This man should never be a leader.

On the day before the first Indigenous Day in this country he flew away on a holiday, a mistake he claims “No Mistake”.

Then on the day before Memorial Day he flew to another country. How disrespectful can he be? I guess like father, like son.

On this occasion, he donated millions of taxpayers’ dollars for some pie in the sky idea instead of using our money at home to help our veterans with mental health and health and other services they need.

Remember taxpayers this is your money. Not Trudeau’s to spend how he pleases. Let’s hold him accountable. 

Jim Campbell

Melancthon, Ont.


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  1. Daniel D'Astous says:

    Justin castro is a treasonous criminal who should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against canadiens


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