Tractors on highways

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In response to the gentlemen who had an uneventful drive to work on the highway while negotiating a tractor.

He should drive with me down highway 24 north of Shelburne in a tractor. I have to contend with narrow, sloping shoulders, gravel trucks, transports, cars and pickups bobbing in and out of traffic, vehicles that drive down shoulders to pass, honking horns, mailboxes, guard rails, bridges, paved driveways and oh yes the best of all the obscene gestures, all this while pulling a thirty foot tandem wagon loaded with big hay bales weighing a total of eight tons.

It’s a white knuckle drive all the way. In their daily routines farmers have to be on the roadways and highways it’s unavoidable.

I just wish when drivers see a tractor or big machinery on the roads they would take a moment to reflect on why these farmers are there.

Drivers think its just to be an annoyance to them, but its because they raise the livestock, grow the potatoes and harvest the wheat so they can put food on your tables.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of drivers are very patient, it’s the bad one’s that make the drive so unnerving.

L. Patton



‘A balanced presentation’ 

As a concerned Orangeville resident, I attended the first debates in Bolton. Your coverage of the event was well done and provided a balanced presentation of the proceedings which in this Riding is refreshing.

Your reporters’ comment regarding the “heckling” is some what reserved, as it was obvious there was a significant anti-Tilson element that persisted constantly when ever the Candidate read from his script and soon dropped the gloves to respond to the crowd.

His emotion was one of rage rather than confidence in his program. It is obvious Mr. Tilson is not having the easy campaign he is used to.

The Green Candidate was also confronted from the floor over her comment that they are more Conservative than the Conservatives.

When she claimed superior numbers in her answer to a question of strategic voting she was reminded from the floor that the Greens only got 7 percent of those who voted and that translates into a minor number when considering the total number of voters eligible.

The NDP candidate was relatively unscathed as she never put anything forward that was other than her script and based on nice to haves.

Winston Uytenbogaart


Hosting the Olympics 

The size and cost to host events like the Olympics have ballooned so much that I cannot remember ever hearing of a city hosting these games and having broken even, never mind making any money.

These cities always end up strapped for cash for years and years following these events, which is just not fair.

But every single time, there seems to be last minute run-away costs and cost overruns as contractors have the cities over a barrel.

How about changing it up so countries, not cities, host these games?

Participating countries can put together a team to manage everything, from where it will be built to how to share costs and possible profits evenly throughout the country. Then after the games are over, this same committee keeps these facilities as booked as possible for years to come. This has the potential for a win-win situation for everyone.

Just thinkin’ outside the box.

Brian Perras,



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