Town staff to bring forward report on relocation Alder/Sherwood St. stop sign

October 6, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Town staff are analyzing if the new stop sign at the intersection of Alder St. and Sherwood St. should be relocated to the Alder St. and Glengarry St. intersection.

The request came at council’s Sept. 26 meeting, after Coun. Lisa Post heard from concerned residents about the placement of the new stop sign, which was installed following council’s direction at their prior meeting on Sept. 12.

She said the Glengarry and Alder St. intersection is where children are crossing to attend school and is the busier location for pedestrian traffic.

“I just wanted to put it out to council that maybe we made a mistake when we chose Sherwood as the location and maybe Glengarry is the better location,” said Coun. Post,

Coun. Todd Taylor said he has recently walked the area and had similar discussions with concerned citizens about the location of the stop sign.

“If you do walk the area, the issue is Sherwood was the main street that caused all the traffic, and that, based on the warrants, is why it was positioned there. But when you walk there, it does look like it should be at the other intersection,” he noted.

Coun. Joe Andrews shared a similar sentiment, noting he also walked the area. He said this is something that may take time for people to get used to but noted that it should be brought back to the new council when it sits again, after the Oct. 24 election.

Tim Kocialek, general manager of infrastructure services, said a follow-up report on the stop sign’s location can be brought back to the future council. The first meeting of the new 2022-2026 term of council is Nov. 10.

“It is only about 200 meters difference between the two locations [for the stop sign], so there may be a chance to be able to see how it does evolve in time, once people get used to it a little bit. And then we can bring something back to a future meeting with more information and more options,” said Kocialek.

No motion was required by council to have town staff investigate the issue and bring back a report to the new council table.

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