Town of Orangeville awards Water Meter Replacement Project to Neptune Technology Group

November 23, 2023   ·   0 Comments

The Town of Orangeville’s water meter replacement project is moving forward after signing an on-budget contract with Neptune Technology Group on Nov. 10. Replacement of the Town’s nearly 10,000 aged water meters should be completed by fall of 2025.

“The majority of the existing water meters have outlived their life expectancy,” explained Derek Currie, Orangeville’s capital works manager. “As water meters get older, their ability to accurately monitor water usage can decrease. Replacing the water meters with new technology is an exciting undertaking that will bring Orangeville to a more water-efficient future.”

The new water meters will be non-mechanical and equipped with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology, which means they can be read remotely, and that meter accuracy will be drastically improved. 

Updated water meters can also help realize water use cost savings by providing customers with a better understanding of their water usage. Customers will have access to an online portal with real-time water usage data and customized water use alerts.This will provide better awareness of potential water losses, allowing residents to address issues before they become significant problems.

“Residents will be able to connect their water meters to their mobile devices with a variety of features through an app to monitor readings,” added Currie. “There can be significant cost savings for residents who identify when excess water is being used and catch potential leaks sooner.”

Implementation of the computer software systems used for the new meters will begin shortly, and meter installations will start in early 2024. Residents can expect timely updates as the project progresses to the replacement stage.

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