Tobogganing ban to be replaced by ‘use at your own risk’ sign

March 18, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Tobogganing ban to be replaced by ‘use at your own risk’ sign


The Town of Orangeville’s ban on tobogganing on Murray’s Mountain has been lifted, but with a catch: the ‘No Tobogganing’ sign will be replaced with a sign that says ‘use at your own risk’.

This decision follows a loud response from residents after the original 2009 sign was replaced by a larger, more prominent one in December, leading to a number of criticisms, complaints, and protests. The issue even led to some national and international news coverage, with articles running on famous online news site, The Huffington Post.

Last Monday night, the issue came back before Orangeville Council for what should be the final time, with three options being presented to resolve the issue, none of which would absolve the Town of liability, which was why the sign was erected in the first place in 2009.

“This is just one of the things the Town has no control over,” said Councillor Nick Garisto.

“It doesn’t cut the Town off of liability in any way. This is the best approach we can take. It’s an unfortunate situation, but the hill has been there for years.”

Along with the ‘use at your own risk’ option, the other two possible solutions included maintaining the ‘no tobogganing’ signs or designating the hill as a set tobogganing location, which would include a cost of about $22,000 each year to groom the hill and provide staff inspections.

Council voted unanimously to proceed with the option of posting the ‘use at your own risk signs’, which will also require the Town to post signs warning of potential hazards and best practices for tobogganing.

Orangeville Council may also be looking in to inspecting other hills in town that are used for tobogganing and erecting similar signs there.

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