The sidewalk to nowhere

September 16, 2015   ·   0 Comments

I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that our elective representatives remembered that when standards were set they were not etched in stone and when they saw they did not serve the people they would consider if those standards were still valid and change them.

I also dreamt that when they wrongfully applied those standards they would correct their mistakes by putting back what was better for all.

My nightmare began when they put in a five foot (new standard) sidewalk down the side of a corner lot that would provide better service to no one.

The location is Thompson Road at Gooseberry Street. Our Town managers would tell you that it did not cost us anything because the builder is responsible to pay for it. Guess what? The builder passes the cost on to our new neighbours, who will not use it either. They will use the four foot sidewalk across the street that the rest of us have used for the past 15 years and has adequately supplied the safety that sidewalks intend.

Now I guess that I must wake up to reality, the regulations dictate the standards and the tail now wags the dog. It seems it is a simple case of bureaucracy versus caring thought and perception of beauty is in the eye of someone else.

Robin C.G. Ward

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