The Power of Storytelling

July 14, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Storytelling has been around for a very long time, constantly evolving. From early cave paintings, to word of mouth, oral camp fire stories, writing, and moving pictures; storytelling is an intricate part of what defines us as human beings.

But why?

I believe storytelling is so important because of its entertaining aspect. We humans are constantly looking for distractions, whether because we want to escape our lives, try something new, or just enjoy and share the experiences that entertainment and storytelling come with. Its ability to connect us in ways not possible through other means. 

Maybe it’s our way of driving forward, inspiring, constantly innovating and creating something in our own, real world.

I’ve always loved storytelling. The emotions they can bring out, long lasting memories created, and the experiences shared with others. Sharing a game, movie, or telling a friend about a book and they get into it always makes me happy. 

In Grade 3, my teacher read to us Roald Dahl novels, one of the earliest set of books I’d collect and enjoy over my childhood. Just sitting there with my head down, eyes closed, imagining what’s going in my head while my teacher read to us.

I believe storytelling so prevalent because of its endless possibilities. Not only in the stories told, but how and the way they’re told. 

Storytelling has always captured my attention, my fascination in many ways. I love telling a variety of stories, in different ways, never wanting to stay in one place, the same way, for long.

Books are a big part of my life. Browsing around a Chapters or an Indigo is always wonderful. So calming, just looking through various books, flipping through them, or just standing still for what seems like forever, basically reading the whole book, and then buying it. I love getting sucked into the world of books. It’s just you, the words on the pages, and your imagination. There’s always moments in a book that just clicks for me, and I’m completely enthralled by it. The setting, characters, plot, everything. I just can’t put the book down. 

Live theatre isn’t my most favourite entertainment industry, but I do fondly remember taking part in school plays (especially if I was one of the main characters). Going to a live performance is quite fun though. Sitting down and experiencing The Sound of Music, or Phantom of the Opera, while it’s happening in real time is quite unique.

I’m actually not a big fan of television shows that do one long overarching story. I prefer shows that do day-to-day situations, shows I can just sit, watch, and enjoy. But those types of shows where it subtly does have an overall arch, like Friends. Characters you grow and fall in love with. Memorable quotes and moments that become inside jokes with those who enjoy them like you.

In the last decade, video game story telling has vastly improved. Sometimes I’ll just play one game at a time because the story and characters are just incredible. When I was six my brother got me into a video game called Halo. At the time it was incredibly innovative, mainly because of its captivating story. Full of adventure, mystery, and intrigue, the feeling of completing a level and discovering something new in the story, I wish I could experience that again. Passing it on to my group of friends created so many great moments. We’d even play imaginary Halo at recess. It was because of Halo’s amazing story I became a gamer and truly enjoy this form of storytelling. 

Movies are probably the most well-known form of storytelling. A dinner and a movie seem to be the perfect date. I love getting ready, going into the theatre with friends or family, the smell of popcorn, excitement in the air, then sitting down and seeing the room darken; there’s no better experience watching a movie than on the big screen. Seeing the magic in films still captivates me, especially when it’s practical effects and not CGI. 

Depending on the setting, mood, and atmosphere of the story, I only indulge in it certain times of the year. Anything holiday themed or course, or in the summer I always do a quick read of some Calvin and Hobbes. The Thing I only watch when it’s winter, dark, and snowy out. Signs on a warm summer night. Or sports games during their respective season.

I could go on and on with about various storytelling in all its entertaining forms. 

Storytelling, after all these years, has yet to grow old. Who knows what new way will be created to tell and experience stories. As long as we keep imagining, storytelling will always be around.

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