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The Importance of Music

By Jasen Obermeyer

June 21st is not only the first day of summer.

It's World Music Day!

Though it's only been around for 40 years, music has been around a lot longer. Plus, it feels like any day can be a music day.

Music has been a huge part of mankind.

From early pre-historic times, to Mozart and Beethoven, to today, music is a constant presence for us.

Music is something that, at times, can be very difficult to describe. The emotional weight it delivers, sounds, feelings, it can be incredible.

At its most basic fundamental core, music provides entertainment. From giant concerts and theatres, to cozy little bars, churches, streets, and parks; it can bring various groups of people together.

The instruments created, the revolutions and evolutions they've brought, and are still bringing today.

But music is more than that. It's a social, cultural drive.

From the Jazz Age of the Roaring Twenties, Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll, music has always provided a constant change to society in many ways. The Beatles and pop music, folk music of the Counterculture 60s, Woodstock, punk rock, Nirvana and grunge, and more recently, iTunes and the Internet; they were all providing commentaries, calls to action, and being used as a musical voice during their respective times.

The sound, style, lyrics and meanings behind the voices and artists ensures that music constantly evolves and remains an important factor in our lives. Its ability to bring people together, like with Live Aid.

My family is very musical. My brother plays drums and guitar, my sister piano and vocals. Against my will I played piano for a few years and it never really grew on me. Despite that, I love music.

Growing up with MTV and watching music videos of my siblings' favorite bands/artists was always fun. Listening to my brother and his friends playing in their band in the basement – while it did give me temporary hearing loss – was a really fun experience. Or dancing to my Uncle playing ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' on the piano is a personal favourite of mine.

By the time I was a teenager I started developing my own taste in music. I began discovering a whole new musical world. I also got into those artists my siblings grew up by looking through their CD collections. The internet and YouTube of course were a big help.

I basically went through a period of just trying new genres and artists, from either myself, friends or family. Whether it was my dad introducing me to older artists like CCR and The Eagles, my Nonna and Italian music, my sister with Classical and Broadway (like Phantom of the Opera), or my brother with some edgier groups like Green Day, and Linkin Park, it was such an exciting time discovering something new.

Though iTunes is great – thank God I had an iPod for my hour-long bus rides – I always enjoyed physically owning something. So I started making a list of every CD I'd want. I'd buy a few from time to time, always exciting going to HMV and flipping through the rows of CDs. I'd get some for my birthday or Christmas, and it's always fun putting the CD in and cranking the volume, hearing the sounds for the first time.

The first concert I ever went to was for my favourite band; Nickelback. It was 2012, and though I was decently far away, I was straight across from centre stage. Even though my dad came (he fell asleep halfway) it was and still is, an indescribable moment. A live concert is unlike anything else. I saw them again a few years later with my friend Patrick, and this time we were even closer to the stage and actually appeared on the big screen! Again, memorable and indescribable.

Sometimes what mood you're in dictates what you listen to. In the car at night, I listen to quieter, sometimes sombre music. If it's in the middle of the day, and I'm speeding down a highway, I listen to something faster and more intense.

If you're happy or feeling sad, the power ballad might be your choice. Depressed, angry, melancholy, music has something for every single emotion.

Of course, the time of season also determines the music. At Christmas time, I only listen to Christmas music. During the summer, songs and artists that touch on a more outdoorsy-party vibe, in a tropical setting.

And it's pretty much a guarantee I'll listen to music while biking.

From artists and bands, to musicals and soundtracks from movies and video games, music has become an important part of my life and identity.

So whether at the karaoke bar with friends, humming by yourself, playing air guitar or drums; enjoy it! Good or not (my sister's quick to remind me I'm not a good singer) every day is World Music Day.



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