The climate… again

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I’m a long-term and continuing fan of Nancy Urekar’s BookLore, but I don’t recall any books offered there by Australian Professor Ian Plimer, Canadian PhD graduate and ex-co-Founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore or Canadian Dr Tim Ball.  They all refute human-caused “climate change.”
There must be a determined media attempt to suppress any objection to the IPCC’s claims that we’ll all die soon by various human-caused climatic means.  The IPCC has been claiming just that in ten-year predictions of disasters for about thirty years now, and nothing happens.  In fact, the IPCC confesses in its 2013 and 2018 reports of between 1500 and 3500 pages that they can’t predict the climate future.  “Long term prediction of future climate change is not possible” and the “difference between simulated and observed trends could be caused by …model response error.”  But the “Summaries for Policy Makers” do not repeat those lines.
So I was naturally disturbed by your report that a seven-year-old child is fearful of her future because of what she has been taught – presumably in our schools and/or at home.  Children should never be scared. I’m scared of what the UN is doing to create a scary future for my grandchildren.
One hopes that policy makers would give a little thought to the UN’s claims, amplified by pseudo scientists.  Some, when you think about them, are obviously false, and the media do not help by printing bleak headlines.
The USA Today once declared, “Africa’s oldest baobab trees are dying at an unprecedented rate, and climate change may be to blame.”  Now let’s think for a minute.  Usually, it is the oldest of any species that die, we can’t know the rate of loss unless we know the baobab population (which cover much of Africa and parts of adjoining lands), and “Climate change may be to blame.”  Or it may not.
The county’s new “Climate Action Plan” mingles climate and environment, which though related can be addressed separately.  I’m all for an improved environment; I planted 25,000 trees on a farm bought for the purpose.  And when the Dufferin County Council meets in person I hope they will allow me to explain my reasoning more fully, supported by documented facts.

Charles Hooker

East Garafraxa, Ont.

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