The best season of the year

August 24, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Summer is my favourite season.

Winter is only pleasant during Christmas. Spring can be nice, but rainy a lot. Fall feels a little depressing with everything dying down.

Summer is where life is alive, and the action happens. The plants and tress are full of colours, the food tastes better, the animals are out, and everyone is busy doing something. The smell of fresh-cut grass, a barbecue, my grandma’s garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables, the clear blue sky; I love it all.

The best part of summer is the weather, the warm, sunny days. Whenever there is an extended period of rain or cool days, it just drags you down.

There just seems to be something about the summer, something magical, that although it seems to go by so quickly, you create some of your favourite memories during it.

Summer vacation as a kid was the best. Getting up whenever you wanted, doing whatever our wanted, every day was different. One of the best things of summer is a pool, and I take any opportunity I have to go in mine, cool down, have fun, and relax.

I loved, and still love, going for bike rides along my road, and as I got older, I ventured out to the neighbouring roads, getting a change of scenery. Now when I take my dog out for walks, sometimes I drive to a nearby road to get a different view.

Of course, summer is made better because of the country. The country life is the best, and maybe I’m biased because I’ve never lived the city life. But I’ve been to Toronto, the subdivisions, and they all have a different feel, like you’re being watched, and you have no time to enjoy anything.

I love having my space, my privacy, and my peace and quiet.

Some days I just like to sit out on my deck and either read a good book, or just listen to the sounds around me.

When I was little, being on a big property meant I could seemingly run around endlessly, playing with my friends, or siblings, from made-up games, to sports games, capture the flag, hide and seek, or describing the various clouds we would see. The summer and country let my imagination just run wild.

During the time my siblings and I were off and were too young to work, and my parents had their time off, we would go on various vacation trips. From simple camping, to a family member’s cottage up north, to going to Six Flags, Lake Placid, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Though I’ve grown older and work now, I still find time to enjoy the summer. I still go for bike rides, I still swim in my pool and play some sports games – particularly basketball, blasting summer songs on my portable radio – just not as frequently.

My family and I, when we can, go for nice walks in the evening, have a nice quiet dinner on the deck, and still go the cottage for a few days.

My friends and I still get together, playing board games outside, going for walks in my backyard forest, and at night, have a bonfire, reminiscing on good times, and making homemade scary videos in my cornfield.

Sometimes, for family visits, my brother, cousins, and I use our backyard as a driving range for golf, hitting balls to see whose can go the farthest. We then try to set challenges like who can hit the forest, or knock a branch down, or make a cracking sound. Other times, such as for Canada Day, we would have a big fireworks show.

Summer just allows you to feel more alive. You can look back on your fondest memories, and dream of your future. The country life just helps expand that freedom.

The best thing about summer is that even though you have your traditions, something new always happens, making each summer-time unique.

This summer has been hot at times, rainy at times – combination of the previous two for sure – but still great. As I look back on past summers, I’m always grateful and happy of the memories I created, either by myself or with family and friends.

Though we probably only have a few weeks left of good weather before the leaves really start to change colour, I hope you have enjoyed this summer, and love the season just as much as I do.

For those who live in the country, I hope you enjoy it for the same reasons that I do.

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