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To Mayor and council members:  For more than a couple years now, I have written in to have something done about the parking on Carlton Drive.  It was obviously going to cause a problem in an emergency situation. The fire chief agreed.  Nothing was done. The last fire this past spring, proved my point.

I again wrote in, and you listened.

The No Parking signs are now up and for the most part, people are abiding by the new law.

It is sad when an emergency vehicle can’t get down the road because there is no room or have to take their time to get to the emergency.

Precious time is lost when they are delayed.

Thank you for listening this time.

Edna Croft

Carlton Drive resident


‘Nothing short of criminal’ 


My name is Morris Greener, and I’m a resident of East Garafraxa, My wife and I have been Dr. Hickman’s patients for a few years now.

Since our first meeting with Dr Hickmann, we quickly realised how fortunate we were to be in his care.

We’re now officially “seniors” and, as we’ve aged, we’ve become increasingly less patient and more critical of substandard treatment and an “I don’t care attitude” from those we come into contact with, whether it stems from personal or business relationships.

On the other hand, we’ve become increasingly more appreciative whenever we interact with caring real people who have passion in their personal and professional lives, who look to serve others openly, honestly, with empathy, and with professionalism.

Dr. Hickmann is a credit to his profession, to his community, and to those thousands of patients who are lucky enough to be under his care. All he wants to do is provide the very best dental health care possible, as he raises his family and contributes to his community.

To see him caught up in a mountain of red tape, inflicted on him by both the MTO and the Town of Caledon, is nothing short of criminal.

For goodness sake, the building he’s acquired used to be an OPP station, with officers and others using both driveways at what I expect was a much higher rate of speed entering and exiting than any of Dr Hickmann’s patients ever would.

I’ve had enough of short-thinking bureaucrats, with better pay, better benefits and better pensions than the masses who foot the bill…the masses who will never see this type of compensation package.

Shame on the MTO and on Caledon for forcing Dr Hickmans practice to remain closed for almost 2 months, disrupting his ability to earn a living, forcing him to layoff his staff, and restricting him from serving his clients who require both regular and emergency dental care.

This is a clear example of civil servants feeding and getting fat at the public trough, flexing their muscles, quoting proper protocol (even if flawed), and not taking any initiative to make a sensible decision that would best serve those who they are ultimately responsible to.

Caledon & MTO……get off your asses and let this man get on with his life and his career.

Morris Greener

East Garafraxa, ON

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