Thank you Claire

October 7, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Claire Hoy -”Niqab isn’t a religious requirement” in the Citizen of October 1st, 2015 is 100% correct in that the Niqab IS NOT a religious requirement. I am told this by friends who are dedicated Muslims.

For a moment let’s carry this “face covering” concept one step further and we all must realize there are “reasons” why this matter is being “pushed along” by either ISHAQ (the woman who wants to wear the Niqab for her CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP ceremony), or her lawyer or some “behind the scene”.

IF we, as Canadians, want to peruse “face covering” does that mean we can wear a hockey mask for our passport photo, our driver’s license photo and indeed our Ontario Health Card Photo?? Where will it end??

The ONLY reason Mulcair and Trudeau will not support the “face reveal” at a Canadian Citizenship ceremony is they cannot support the Conservative government, especially with the Federal Election just around the corner. It is too bad these elected officials cannot look past their own ideology and support what more than 80% of the Canadian population agree on “reveal your face when searing allegiance to Canada” during the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony.

Thank you Claire.

ISHAQ is fully aware the Niqab is not a religious requirement and one must wonder why she is so unwilling to reveal her face!!

Roland Vardon

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