Ten Rock Capital Mortgage clients share $25,000 after winning cash prize draw

May 2, 2024   ·   0 Comments

By Joshua Drakes

Rock Capital Mortgage, in collaboration with MCAN Financial, distributed funds to clients during their annual cash prize draw event held recently.

Clients and their families gathered at the Pulpit Club in Caledon Village on Saturday, April 20, for a luncheon provided by Rock Capital and MCAN, where they received their cheques. Additionally, clients had the chance to enter a draw to double their money.

Trevor Haining of Bracebridge, Ont., emerged as the winner of the double draw and accepted the prize alongside his family.

“We’ve been with Rock Capital for three years,” he said. “It’s a great feeling to have some extra cash in your pocket.”

With the windfall, Haining and his family are planning a trip to Alaska.

Rock Capital Mortgage won the money through MCAN Financial’s annual draw, receiving $25,000 to distribute at their discretion.

The decision was made to divide the sum among their 10 clients, granting each guest $2,500.

Janelle Van Gerven, Marketing and Events Coordinator for Rock Island Mortgage, noted their goal to help clients amid an uncertain economic climate.

“It’s a tough economic time, so we thought everybody could use $2,000 or $2,500,” she said. “Because this is going specifically towards their mortgages, it should cover a month, or possibly two, of mortgage payments.”

Van Gerven explained that an in-person lunch event was chosen to distribute the cheques efficiently while fostering personal connections.

“The idea behind the event is to gather everyone so we can give them their cheques all in one exciting day and provide lunch in the process. It’s nice to also put faces to our clients,” she said. “Our principal broker is also a member at the Pulpit Club, which is how we got the location.”

Ryan White, representing MCAN, expressed that the event was a gesture of appreciation to clients for their ongoing business and to give back to the community, and he said that customer satisfaction is paramount at MCAN.

“We understand that mortgages and finances aren’t the most exciting topics,” he said. “And we understand that Canadians are under a lot of stress; the cost of living is high, and mortgage rates are very high right now as well.

“So we’re looking to assist where possible and bring some joy to people’s lives.” 

White said that MCAN’s philosophy is an ‘everyone wins’ approach to business.

“We believe in a win-win-win approach,” he said. “We gain great business, we have great clients, and give back to the community.”

Much like Rock Capital, MCAN said that they prefer a personal approach, which is more welcoming and stress-free for everyone involved.

Social events such as this luncheon present an opportunity for two groups of people to come face to face and recognize the human element behind it all.

White emphasized the significance of such events and said that he would like to see similar initiatives replicated by other groups nationwide, with the goal of giving back to their respective communities.

“I’d like to see the financial world do more of this and help out the average Canadian and give back,” he said.

The event was the first of its kind for Rock Capital Mortgage, and the second annual giveaway for MCAN Financial, but all parties have said they are looking forward to continuing the giveaway for years to come.

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