Tax bill not what was promised

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Just collected my mail and there is the final tax notice for 2015 and low and behold the final number is 4.25% higher than the previous year.

Now there was someone who ran for office based on no tax increase wasn’t there?

There was also a myriad of meetings on the subject with an outcome that there would be a minimum increase………4.25% is not minimum.

Since 2010 my taxes have increased by $954.76 that’s a 23.5% increase over 5 years!

What is going on?  If I could have had salary increases or investment returns of this magnitude I would be delighted.

Something needs to be done.

David Penkman



Real line loss costs

Thank you for publishing my letter (28 May).  It may help others with high energy bills.

The Hydro One agent telephoned again to provide the data I needed to estimate my line loss more accurately, and also told me how Hydro One calculates it.

Line loss is based on the difference between the energy received by Hydro One and the energy recorded on their customers’ smart meters.  That figure is averaged over all users and multiplied by a factor for low-density customers.  Distance from energy sources is not considered.

The electrical energy feeding my farm is de4livered on # 2 ACSR stranded cable.  Cable resistance is halved for every three gauge numbers; so the new resistance is 1/4 that of # 8 cable used in my first estimate.  The revised 7,200 volt EMF is much lower than my estimated 50,000 volts; so current is higher (50,000/7,200) for the same power consumption.  My revised line loss is therefore 0.23 Watts, or 0.015% of my consumption – not 10.25% as estimated by Hydro One.

The Hydro One agent asked if my complaint was satisfied.  I said my request for data was satisfied, but not my complaint.  I argued that, if Hydro One can ascertain my power consumption, it can easily calculate my real line loss.  I sent the revised line loss and calculations to the Ontario Ombudsman, and renewed my complaint.

It was reported today that sale of 60% of Hydro One will prevent any  further access by the Ombudsman, and that Ombudsman Andre Morin will serve only four months more before being replaced by an appointee – a friend of the party? – selected by the Ontario government.  I expect we will hear no more about electrical power complaints after September.

TVO’s The Agenda recently interviewed former Premier Ernie Eves, who said that selling a monopoly to private owners is wrong, as the corporation will be able to raise prices with no competition.  He suggested that, if something must be sold, it should be the energy sources (solar, wind turbine, nuclear), which can compete among themselves and become more efficient.  I agree with Mr Eves.

Charles Hooker

East Garafraxa


Melville Pit

Regarding Bill Rea’s May 21 article that the “Melville Pit Issue has not gone away:”

It should be obvious that gravel extraction at Melville on Orangeville’s flank should not happen, with the lands remaining Prime Agricultural.

But it seems Caledon Council is intent to share the blame and flame the shame to maintain Caledon’s reputation as Gravel Pit of Ontario.

The OMB Hearing in July needs to silence the “Gravel Is Good” rhetoric and reject the pit application. Further, the OMB must state that the ludicrous 11 million litres of water per week to wash dirt is not the property owner’s to request not Caledon Counsil’s to give away.

Should the pit proceed, it will hasten the day when both gravel and water are gone forever and Caledon is scorned as a penniless dust-blown hole in the ground. And councillors, owners and Ontario bureaucrats will shrug and say “It’s not our fault.”

Too true. If we concerned residents do not mobilize to fight this travesty – it’s our fault.

John Guttridge


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