Suits not necessary

June 30, 2016   ·   0 Comments

I was fascinated by Todd Taylor’s comments on dress codes for council members, particularly the conclusion, “Leaders, especially those in politics, should wear the uniform”.

I believe that is what is wrong in politics and other sectors is that men, in particular, should conform and wear the ‘costume’ of the tribe. In politics in the western world currently it is the dark coloured suit, whatever the situation.

Line ’em all up for a photo op and if male, it’s just a group of indistinguishable persons. 

Women, it seems to me, have more freedom and can dress according to the event, weather, locale, etc.

Mr. Taylor, I will concede, does allow light coloured suits in warm weather – wowee.

Provided the person is neatly and smartly dressed in well-cut and well-made clothes I’m not sure it matters whether it’s a suit or not, or whether it’s of dark hue. Demonstrate some sartorial savvy – that doesn’t mean being a ‘fashionista’ I would draw the line at the wearing of ball caps in Council Chambers or other offices, and even events.

Still, luckily these days, I’m not bound by these somewhat artificial rules that have little bearing on one’s ability to function and perform in an effective way.

Tony Howard

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