Shelburne Mayor Ed Crewson yields to untested newcomer

September 10, 2014   ·   0 Comments

At 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, Ed Crewson, the highly popular Mayor of Shelburne and longest-serving member of Dufferin County Council, withdrew his candidacy from the October 27 municipal election.

It is a bittersweet step for Mayor Crewson, who admits he shed a few tears over the decision. He loves the job, but recognizes innately the value and satisfaction of “going out on top.”

His decision follows the surprise filing of nomination papers for Mayor by Frank Hunt Jr., who unless he faces a last-minute challenge will become the town’s chief magistrate without either being elected or having served previously on Council.

The Mayor revealed that earlier this week, he was writing his re-election brochure for the campaign, when he referred to an old election leaflet from 2003 – the last time he had faced another candidate. When he read it, he realized that he had accomplished everything he had set out to do at that election.

“We did it all and more,” said Mayor Crewson. “The problems at the Mel Lloyd Centre are gone; we now have six doctors in town; we have the new soccer pitches; new industry and commercial development with KTH expanding, Joe Bojin’s industrial project at the south end of town, and a 120,000 square foot plaza approved in the east end. We now have enhanced health care with assisted living – even the tax rate is lower this year than four years ago. There was nothing I had wanted to do that I had not done.”

The Mayor insists that he “is not being chased” from office. “We have a good staff, with John Telfer, Scott Wheeldon, Carol Sweeney, and Chief Moore all doing a terrific job – and there is no crisis at the County level – it’s a good time to go.”

The Mayor made reference to the fact that, far too often, politicians stay too long and end their careers in turmoil. “I know that my council respects me too much to run against me for the position of Mayor. There are good people waiting to take over… It is time to pass the torch.” Other Councillors have said they will only run for Council if I remain Mayor, but I have talked to them and asked them to stay – we need their strength and knowledge to continue what we started.”

The deadline for filing nomination papers for the election in tomorrow (Friday) at 2 p.m.

Mr. Crewson has served Shelburne on Council for 26 years, 17 of them as Mayor. He has served on County Council for 22 years and been the Chair of every County committee except for Roads.  He also served two terms as Warden.

There have been few dull moments when Ed Crewson speaks from the Mayor’s chair, and the Council Chamber never seems the same when he is absent. He has been a fiery and passionate defender of his town with endless energy for the task and genuine compassion for those he served.

“It’s going to be hard not to be the Mayor,” he says, “it’s part of who I am… but not all.”

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