Sexy Laundry returning by popular demand

April 20, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

It has been 10 years since Sexy Laundry had Theatre Orangeville audiences howling with laughter, but the comedy will open again next Thursday, April 27, for previews and run until May 14.

Said David Nairn, Artistic Director and director of the play this time around: “People kept asking when we were going to do Sexy Laundry again – so, we decided this was the year.”

We sat with David Nairn and the acting couple for this show, Debbie Collins and Terry Barna as Alice and Henry, a married two, one longing for a fresh start on their love life and the other happy to cruise as things are.

It is Alice who, taking the initiative and her copy of Sex for Dummies, books a luxurious hotel for a weekend getaway for the two of them. Henry – with no choice really – agrees to the project but takes his baggage with him. Potential for laughs and thoughtfulness and playwright, Michele Rimi, fulfills the promises she herself sets up.

“This is one of the most requested shows we’ve ever done,” Mr. Nairn assured us. “Ten years ago,” he remarked, “I looked on this play differently, but 10 years on, some of it is just too close to the bone. It’s so funny – you question your own relationships – there’s a lot of heart. I don’t remember it being that moving. Maybe, I’m 10 years older. ”

Several in the room agreed with him: “It’s damned funny,” quoth Mr. Barna. “My wish is that people will leave the theatre hand-in-hand with one another – and that ladies will bring their husbands to see it.” They laughed. “If anyone thinks this is a play just for the ladies – they should hear what the men think of it.”

Said Ms Collins: “Women need to drag – if necessary – their significant others. It’s very real.”

Touching on the matter personally, Mr. Barna admitted, “There are so many lines that are hard to say because I think about saying them to my wife…”

With her own home in Beeton, Ms. Collins is delighted to be able to simply drive to the theatre for rehearsals and performances. She has recently retuned from a three-month tour with Saturday Night Fever. Some will remember her terrific show, The Judy Garland Story, that she brought to the Opera House last October, as well as having performed in a number of plays here.

Mr. Barna is also pleased to be back in town, as it were, after his fine multi-character appearance in Miracle on 34th Street for Christmas 2016, following other shows here.

Variously, they told us more about the show, always, of course, protecting the surprises and guarding against spoiler alerts.

“After 25 years of marriage, they decide to spend a night in a hotel with their Sex for Dummies,..”

“But that’s just the spring board it’s not really what it’s about . . .”

“It’s not gratuitous – not vulgar  in any way – tastefully presented . . .”

“The audience will come on the ride with us – you’re in your own home.”

“There is language and adult situations..”

“We’re too busy slugging it out but we sit and watch it happen on the stage – this is one of the reasons for coming to see the play.”

The revelations about our own relationships constitute Ms. Rimi’s genius with this play  and the reason why it appeals more and more with a person’s maturity and the longevity of our partnerships with other people.

“Michele [Rimi} has managed to give people a damned good time,” said Mr. Barna.

“It is comedy that strikes better at the truth than drama, anyway,” Mr. Nairn affirmed.”Life is funny.”

He considers Sexy Laundry is a great way to end the season.

Why come and see it?

“We get so wrapped up in our day to day,” said Ms. Collins. “Like life, a lot of the stuff you argue about is funny – people will just fall in love again.”

Sexy Laundry runs at The Opera House from April 27, for the preview. April 28 is opening night and it runs until May 14. For tickets go to the box office at 87 Broadway, or to the information centre at Buena Vista Drive and Highway 10; telephone 519-942-3423 or online at

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