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Editor’s Note: The following poem was submitted by a non-speaking autistic poet who lives in Orangeville

Season to season

I often reflect

There are multitude ways to understand 

Changes to the earth 

Practically sounding seamless harmony

Nature calls 

Living things answer

Human awaits for opportunities

To transition 

Special need to sigh and to deeply breathe

The yearning of what this season brings

Fall could be hibernation to prepare shedding off skin to human

Leaves turn different colours and most leave their roots

Winter brings protection and tucks the earth with extreme coldness 

Safely wondering if all is intact 

To grow and awaken

When Spring’s coming

From freezing to thawing 

Death to resurrection 

Birth of many adventures

Everyone is sparked with anticipation!

Summer is just around the corner 

We can almost feel the warmth of the sun

Happily hopeful never ending melody

Sung by invisible energy

We all stand joyfully to the final season of summer

And the recycling of different seasons

Happen all over again.

Matthew McGugan, Orangeville Resident

Non-Speaking Autistic, Poet, Creative Writer

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