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November 16, 2016   ·   0 Comments

When problems arise that need our attention; and no one says anything or does anything about it;  is it because people are  afraid ?   Or, maybe they don’t know enough ;  or, they are  not sure  of themselves;  or, they don’t think their knowledge can be useful  to others.   Or, maybe, they just don’t think   others  care enough ?

Ever since the end of WWII ;  many older Canadians and Americans  across our countries have watched  most  of our nations’  prosperity and social structures .. slowly, systematically,  and sadly collapse under all our governments’   deceiving and destructive leaderships.    It seemed like the people just felt powerless to do anything about it, especially with the increasingly hostile attitude that has gone on toward the Church and  Bible-believing  Christians, who, up until   2 generations ago, were considered to be the  ‘backbone’  of our nations.

When defending our home and country;  we should not be fearful of being   accused of ‘hate  speech’.   Because,  true hate speech can also be   ‘not’  speaking-up  when something is about to happen that could possibly harm or destroy someone.    It is  not hate-speech to warn somebody of some danger.     But, ‘remaining silent’  would be showing ‘hate ‘ toward them, if we just sit back and watch, while they  ‘go-right-off-the-cliff’.

If don’t  rebuke our neighbours when they’re wrong; .. we either don’t care enough about them, or we could be cowards!   And, the practice of  ‘rebuking’ someone should not only be limited towards our neighbours, friends and family.     

It also needs to be towards all those in  leadership  as well.

Today, North America is on the verge of a great Church revival.   Historically, it has always grown in size and strength during persecutions.    Part of the reason for the mess it’s in, is because of the confusion over the Word of GOD.   

Church people have been fighting against the rhema of GOD’s Word – what He has spoken to their hearts, by the Holy Spirit.     Are we ignoring what the Lord has said ?    How we answer that question can have serious repercussions not only for us, but also for other family members outside our homes.

Gordon C. Snell

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