Say No to Olympics 2024

August 5, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Canada must decide by September whether it wishes to host the 2024 Olympic Games.  Toronto Mayor Tory has already made up his mind.

I don’t wish to pay, again, for games in Toronto.

The only people who attended the Pan Am Games were the politicians, the rich and the organizers, all of whom had the benefit of limousines or taxis to convey them to game sites.

As proof, I offer the reservation of HOV lanes to limousines, taxis and three-passenger vehicles.

But the only people who paid for most of the Games’ expenses were the taxpayers of all Ontario and Canada.  Toronto did not carry the cost as the price of its huge tourist influx and many grand stadiums; the rest of Canada did.

Mayor Tory said that all the needed Olympic venues are now in place.  He is wrong.  Many additional nations will participate, and their representatives and competitors will need accommodation far in excess of what is now available.

With Mid East nations in attendance, security will become a major concern, requiring the Canadian Armed Forces and most of Canada’s police to guard those threatened by suicide-minded terrorists.  Security alone will be expensive.  And terrorists will get through; you can’t stop someone determined to die.

I call upon the federal government to forestall the Olympic Games bid.  Despite the danger that Toronto’s rich may vote against a Conservative re-election, the human cost of an Olympics is too great to support.

Charles Hooker

East Garafraxa

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